ZDF: Florian Silbereisen as the new reporter of "show heute" – terrorism after breaking

This winter breach was very long: the "show of the day" returned to February 1st – with a great start at the beginning. Oliver Welke was not present!

Updated on 2 February 2019: "What are you doing here? Did not tell someone something for you? You're out!" Dietrich Hollinderbäumer (also known by the director "Pastewka") Oliver Welke behind the scenes . Welke did not look very tough: after seven weeks to winter, ZDF gave a new show to the "show heute" suddenly Рof the things Florian Silbereisen!

The big wonder was; in Silbereisen in the evenings. Welkes Stammplatz's silver iron appraised the program: "Good evening! Dear friends, he'll start again! Welcome! I am now a new captain of the Schlagerchampions host company ! Name: Florian Silbereisen! Hello! "Ghreidh Helene Fischer, who was standing before, was uncomfortable into the camera. And here it was clear: it was not just a joke; there and looks like a guest! After the intro, his wife was allowed to work again.

Film: Florian and Helene have once again got a "ship dream"?

"For everyone who is currently in breach – the Florian can be convicted: his ship is so far!", Explained Welke, playing his TV series as a flying captain.

Many observers felt that Silbereisen's appearance was not limited but a bit of fingers. Not everyone welcomed the opening, because you can read on Twitter. Some put the smile off. To them, the star best hit in the "present day" to be a terrible event.

But be fair: Due to Florian Silbereisen's self-esteem worthy of honor!

Angry Observers: "The Presentation Today" is still off – on Twitter to burn quickly

Updated from 26 January 2019: Another Friday without accident and the ZDF presentation here. Only the next week the satire ends at holiday ends; (Voluntary holidays are not back in some federal states …) On Twitter the bankruptcy appears to be over.

News on 19 January 2019

Berlin – the satire fans show "show-heute" to Looking Friday, 18. January, in the pipe. Instead of a wilderness, Reiner Calmund was there. Breatt, CSU congress party, Trump foam program – can not be due to lack of topics. So where do you need it if you want it privately?

The answer is simple: the "present day" hospitality is still a Christmas break. But sorry, because who is going to Christmas holidays to go to; February? The supporters are secret: "You have more jobs than teachers," they said a game on today's Facebook page. "I feel sad. Its stone is gone, but the comic center is growing," and another man writes. "What … in just two weeks? What does the Oli do all the time?" A & # 39; ask another.

ZDF will not "show heute" to February

Good news for host fans: From Friday, February 1st 2019, the "show show" will be shown again every Friday from 10.30pm on ZDF.

At the same time, the editing office through Twitter will build the battle:

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