Zoo Wuppertal: Monkey Billi is ruined: Now even Britain is affecting

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Monkey Bonobo Bonobo is afraid of the Wuppertal Zoo – who welcomes her and her. worrying around the world. Now the Britons want to save Bili, because it's one of them …

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The bonobo was born in Leistershire in 2008, "Zoo Twycross" in Leistershire, where his mother sent him away. As an extremely wise child, Billy went on to Germany, to Frankfurt Zoo, from where he moved to Wuppertal in the well known November.

The 10-year-old ape that was damaged on Wednesday was attacked with its emergency. "There's not a piece of fingers or fingers," said spokesman for the zoo. An aggressive leaflet issued a majority of the group to change.

Despite the updated attack, the zoo wants to continue trying to bring Bill into the group. Incident cameras have been submitted to monitor the situation. Progressive changes have been noted last week. There was even mutual benefit between himself and other bonobos. But also according to the "normal" attack zoo again and again.

After the first attack on Bill in the Wuppertal Zoo: the animal rights activist has a clear goal (read more here)

Animal rights campaigners who exhibit scenes are great

There was a video showing the attack on Bili for ten years of age (from 17:06). Animal rights activists confirmed him in front of the zoo. Thousands of signage petitions put in to save it online.

And now the Britons move forward: The "Daily Mail" and the "Mirror" report also started a petition on the island – so Bill should be brought to "Ape Monkey Rescue" in the south of Wales.

For Sunday, a big campaign in front of Wuppertal Zoo is named. Graham Garen from "Ape Monkey Tecue Wales" also travels – he wants to talk to the zoo managers.

Concerns and concerns to zoo

Since the events have been identified, the zoo is severely criticized. On the "Facebook" page, people are disturbed, who respond to the zoo and theirs; Convener for immediate reply. However, some of the ideas exceed constraint.

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Bonobo Bili is flatter: bloody treasures on her hands.

"We passed some of the ideas to the police," explaining the zoo. There are dangerous causes. So he said in a message: "If something bad happens to the poor mockery, I will give you my promise, I will speak personally in private with your director".

Zoo has a big impact

Another user has a zoo administration position on the same "scam list as a child's problem, a murderer or a rapist." There were other messages "Get cancer!" Do not Hitler a & # 39; welcome him. It was also read that the zoo director should be "euthanized".

"It's really terrible for us. Personally, I have never received such a suspension," agrees a speaker for the zoo. Be aware that there are no zoo in all relationships, but that's what; going too far. "I was involved in the attack, and I did not leave the cold either," he said. One recognizes that such images are </ i>; shaking and judging, but there are boundaries that need to be met.


Personal attack and death threat: Wuppertal Director Zoo Arne Lawrenz.

Also a director of an animal Dr Arne Lawrenz spoke personally. "I had never found that on that," he said to the "Current Current" of the WDR, that he is responsible for the death risk, you have a personal attack and you want pain and even death . "


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