Get ALMA thanked that there is a protostar with an informal disc that has been created for thousands of years ago Technology


Using the Atacama Large Millimeter / Subillimeter Array (ALMA) In the Chile, researchers found for the first time a smoke detector about a young protostar that was created just a few miles ago.

This means that there is a misunderstanding of the # 39; planetary orbits of many systems, including ours Solar System, may have originated in the early order of the protoplanetary goddess that causes the planets.

Planets of our solar system will move around & # 39; Sun in planes that most of the 7 degrees are marked by the solar sun zone.

It has been known for a long time that many extrasolar plans (found in planetary systems differ from our windows) with orbits that are not aligned in one plane or with a central belt their main star.

One explanation for this is that some may have suffered accidents Other features in the system or the influence of the stars that go through the system or near the system, and # 39; affecting their core places.

However, the loss of these planets is still possible to wipe off the cloud in which the star and the planets are born.

Recent protoplanetary decks, gas and dust desks with flat round star planets, have already been shown. deformations, but it was still uncertain how early they are.

The group of researchers from the Chluster for Pioneer Research (CPR) of RIKEN and the University of Chiba in Japan, is published in the magazine Nature The most recent discoveries that L1527, a young protostar that is still inserted into a compact box, is divided into two parts: an internal section that is & # 39 ; Move in a plane and outside in a different plane.

The table is very young and is still growing. L1527 is found 450 years light from Earth in Taurus's molecular clouds and it's a good thing to explore because the bike plane is completely related to our visionary airbag.

According to Nami Sakai, head of this research, "these ideas show that the bad registration of the orbital planes seems to be caused by an informal structure that came from the first stages of planetary creation. We investigate more systems to find out if this is common or not. "

It should be noted that there is still a question about what causes these deformations to the disk. Sakai explains two explanations; may be: "There is one chance that there are irregularities in the gas and dust stream in the cloud that are included in such a statement in The record is the other possibility that the magnetic range of protostar in a plane differs from displaying the disk, which affects the side inside of the disk to differentiate from the rest ".

Sakai also says they hope to come in inquiries in the future the purpose of the deformations in the album.

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