Get answers from Lorenzo Pellegrini in the future


Lorenzo Pellegrini is celebrating the future, a 22-year-old producer confirmed the happiness of his / her. his friend and does not leave Rome in January 2019.

Lorenzo Pellegrini has a lot of interest

M.U was not incredibly amazing this season, the Reds were only 8 in the Premier League and the 12th in The Premier League. Jose Mourinho coach plans to update his skirt in January 2019.

Find the answer from Lorenzo Pellegrini in the future

Pellegrini has a lot of interest

The Portuguese teacher wants to take a middle class play-play, which is capable of removing the ball, both launching and justifying attacks. According to the Daily Mail and ESPN, Lorenzo Pellegrini has a lot of interest of Rome.

The Italian star has been a great job, it's interesting when it starts to go to the center; midfield, defensive or defensive field range. The 1996-born player played 11 visits in the Exposition League and Serie A this season, and get twice and give 5 goals.

Mourinho believes that Lorenzo Pellegrini will be developing the mid-range of M.U, requires that the Red Devils agree to cost at least £ 35m for their contract.

Pellegrini is a sad news for United

Lorenzo Pellegrini is celebrated in the future, Giampiero Pocetta's 22-year-old representative has confirmed his client is happy and does not leave Rome in January 2019.

Canvas Pellegrini

Lorenzo Pellegrini's response for M.U

"Pellegrini's Roma is threatened to 2022 and he is honored that he plays well under the coach of Eusebio Di Francesco. At this time he only thinks of Rome. The beliefs about the move to MU or Arsenal did not affect Pellegrini. "

"He is still training and delivering the best of Rome. Pellegrini is happy with his life and does not care about the future facts, he wants to play for the Rome as long as possible. "

With the dedication of Pellegrini to continue the future with Roma, MU must move on to other goals. The Reds aim to Ramsey's Arsenal and PSG's Rabbi midfield renewal in January 2019.

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