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Glass is one of the most important products for people

We get out of there, we'll look through, we'll put flowers. We'll throw it on – glass is one of the most important materials we use.

Thanks to research by a scientist in Cardiff, we now know that the main part of the glass, silica, was created within the heart of the stars that were in the world. gutting.

Co-written by Professor Haley Gomez of the University of Cardiff, the search of silica remains in starving stars disappeared.

It was published in the monthly bulletin of the Royal Society of Raquality.

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Professor Gomez was part of an international team of scientists who used NASA Space Telescope to research two thousand years of supernovae light years from Earth.

A supernova will happen when a big star goes on; ran out of fuel, causing him to fall into himself and end his life with a real explosion.

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Professor Haley Gomez of Cardiff University has helped to find that silica, a key part in the glass, coming from prey star

The team was able to identify silica geology in the supernovae based on the belief that they were very similar to balloon rugby rather than the belief that they are generally stubborn.

"We have shown for the first time that the silica made by the supernovae was sufficiently important to increase the dust throughout its acronym, including the dust which came to an end to create our home plan, "said Professor. Gomez.

"Every time we look through a window, go down to our platform or turn a sandy beach, we interact with materials made by & # 39; climbing the stars that fled the millions of years ago. "

Much of silica waste has been watched across the previous game, but so far scientists can not see where it was created.

In total, silica comprise about 60% of the soil's shade.

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