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SINGAPORE – CapitaLand's service ceremony, The Ascott, has created a strategic partnership with the Development of the Ciputra Group, where Ascott will provide a service management guide to be developed by that one in Indonesia and China over the next five years.

The first building, Citadines Sudirman Jakarta 253 units, will open in 2021.

The alliance was signed at the opening ceremony of the Ascott Sudirman Jakarta, which Ascott received from Ciputra last year. From Ciputra's participation in 1996 for Somerset Grand Citra Jakarta, jointly owned by the Ascott Transport Trust, Ascott received the Kunming Jakarta Ascott from Ciputra in 2014.

Ascott chief executive Kevin Goh said: "With an expanded product donation, we expect to grow up in our countryside growth. India is the largest southeast of Asia's economy , where we see a huge potential for expansion to see additional economic activity as well as infrastructure improvements to develop travel links, and drive demand for quality accommodation. "

Ascott has recently participated with one of the leading Indonesian hotel operators, Tauzia Hotel Management. These partnerships have helped Ascott find their search for more than 130 accommodation and business hotels with almost 22,000 units over 39 towns in Indonesia.

Artadinata Djangkar, CEO of Ciputra, said: "We have a wealth of possibilities in developing cities such as Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya in Indonesia. Ascott can be managed through its parts. A deep hospitality experience, we are confident that the accommodation will make a good service, and we can return well. "

Last year, Indonesia received over 14 million visitors from abroad, representing an increase of more than two million visitors from 2016.

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