Get Russia's frequency channel today


We will now turn to Russia today on Nilesat 2019, where Russia is today on one of the news channels on Nilesat, broadcasting the channel of the government's channel on Nilesat to see Russia featured on many topics In the Arab world, the channel also produces Russian culture, news about Russian society and Russian way of life.

The broadcasting channel will broadcast important events in the world and its. Speaking on all topics that are interesting to the Arab and international community with a focus on the eastern Russia, and the channel broadcast on the NileSat satellite and Moon Moonat, it also broadcast on Hot Bird.

Serve the Russian channel today

Serve the Russian channel today

Moon Often Encoding level
NileSat 10892 horizons 27500
Arab Sabbath 11747 V 27500
Icon for Hot Bird 11317 V 27500

This is as often as the current news channel of Russia, which is broadcast across all satellite and can easily be found.

Anyone can regularly recruit Russia from within Egypt and the Arab world with a strong signal of any size for his & her; dish, even though it is 70 cm.

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