Getting out of the property perspective, Nvidia Share Outlook is lower than expected first


Goldman Sachs was just released by saying that it was wrong over the valuable contribution he had made recently of Nvidia. The fast analyst Goldman Sach, Toshiya Hari, has been so long as Nvidia has been removed from the best list of ideas.

According to Hari, the company was definitely wrong about the stock, first and foremost; Including to estimate how big & # 39; There would be channel building tools for field media graphics process units (GPUs). This correction is on a description, which continues to say, just one-time re-installations; it is not a change in the long-standing image of the stock. Also, he says he could give another six months before his market can be rectified to recover his confidence in the growth of business growth.

With a market near Thursday, Nvidia dropped his fourth fiscal fourth report, showing income about $ 3.18 billion. This was over $ 3 billion of the average recital. In addition, the chipmaker who enjoys a lot of things; Introduction to a sales range that is well below expectations, which will make it clear at around $ 2.7 billion by January +/- 2 per cent, against the Wall Street agreement of $ 3.4 billion.

Nvidia is sending a & # 39; blame the weak management of more houses within the sales channel, especially following the expansion of crypto-currency mining from earlier in the year. You see, minerals have boundaries to & # 39; using graphics cards based on AMD (Advanced Advanced Media) and Nvidia teams to hunt and streamline new bitcoins, which can, by course, be sold or protected for future value.

Mineral demand has declined, late, as the prices of digital money have been steadily declining. It is also very important to be aware that Nvidia had a $ 57 million cost in connection with this demand to reduce its demand; declined, in the third quarter.

It should also be noted that Nvidia is not one of many technology stocks that hit very hard in October. Indeed, this is a & # 39; worst month for the All-Rated Nasdaq Index from 2008. Fortunately, the stock is up 4 per cent from the first year.

Generally, then sections of Nvidia are down by 18.7 per cent, now at $ 164.55.

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