Getting to know Scotland – the largest-ever found teranoza – World History – Science


Around 66 million years ago, the fossils, known as Scotland, were 12.8 meters tall, thrown into the land of Saskatchewan today in Canada. When scientists explored the taranoza bones, he discovered that it was 9.7 tons of heavy meat, coming to be the greatest dinosaur found in carnivores, which was reported in CNN.

The survey was published in The Anatomical Record scientific journal.

"This is a tone of much of the romance," said Scott Pearson, the head of inspection. “Tiranozauri was very different in size. Some were more powerful than others, but some were stronger. Scotland represents part of the mighty tyrannosaurus, and by measuring his feet, stacks and shoulders, he surpasses the largest producer of the tyranoza that has been found so far.

Scotland has had a long history since its discovery in 1991. True, it was locked into a strong sandstone piece and scientists needed more than 10 years to free the fossil from the stone and remove it. together. So now scientists have found that this tyrannose is different from another.

"Fossil Scotland is the oldest person, according to tradition it is said to be dinosaur at the time of his death," said Pearson.

We know that there is not a long life spent in it. They grew rapidly and often died young. At the time of his death, Scotland was about 30 years old and she could be proud of the many claws they got in times of conflict.

"Continuing the marram grass standards, Scotland has an exceptionally long life and, too, was not easy," said Pearson.

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