Ghada Abdel Razek claims to "her listeners" and her. opposing sovereignty to fight and prevent it


In the first crisis of Egyptian arts stars, Gada Abdel Razek's star starred through his cell phone. her account at the Instagram site, saying that she is affecting her & # 39; war from "Egyptian media" that affects its & # 39; Most of the Egyptian satellite channels, and there is a desire to stop herself and many of his co-workers, The group says that a landlords party in Egypt is owned.

Ghada wrote sad grief and closed the idea of ​​his mind, to prevent any emergence, and said: O listeners, I fight against a group called "Media for the Egyptians". Do not want me to work Sunnah in the drama, I do not have many people, but very few Vipkulu artists at home, even though you can not.

Ghada Abdel Razek advocates her audience

I said: If you ask them to speak in the name of Maine, you say in the name of the army or the information Is it really just a question for a realistic technical center Baisal Maita and a & # 39; Errrrrgo declined to respond to me and my colleagues and thank you

The Tamer Morsi producer is led by the Egyptian Media Association, who has collaborated more than once by Gada Abdel Razek. The company has recently been investing on ON, Life, CBC, and a large number of the Egyptian media. It has been recently stated as the reason for his & sharp decline in the number of programs Recorded for production at the Ramadan Drama Marathon 2019.

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