Ghearr Tsetso Andreev discovered the spectacular number of Zlatka and showed her really! (PHOTOS) – BLISTER


Tsetso Andreev, his best friend, Zlatka Raikova killed. We looked at this in Big Brother's past yesterday program. Due to the appearance of Martin Emanuela, Martin, that the maker did not decorate due to his coverage by the folklorist singer, Ceco could not get out of bed and spent his & 39; most of her day. Who plays a bloody tune for his best friend, says Hot Arena.

The Zlatka was waiting for a long time, who seemed unhappy, a ghost walking in the house with dark circles beneath his eyes and stupid spot on his face. This may be the color of the text; on skin, do not bother; Andreev can hide because of his success.

Apparently, the solarium, with the services given by Russoco, seems to have been badly left on the skin. In her right mind she is carry dark places that can only keep the hugs hidden.

Zlatka does not seem to have searched for his / her insect to have a & # 39; breaking her problems. If she does not stop at the solarium, the collections will increase and go. appear elsewhere. And it's not surprising that it was a hard and heavy and heavy result in the stores that he was spewing everyday.

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