Ghosn was rejected, France and Japan reinforce the support for the Renault-Nissan Alliance


France and Japan have their support for Renault-Nissan confirmed Thursday, shortly after the board of Japanese commanders' leaders have decided to save the historic president Carlos Ghosn, who It was held in Tokyo for its & # 39; an illegal trial.

French and Japanese economic ministers, Bruno by Maire and Hiroshige, Sekō, reinforced their support "for their consolidation between Renault and Nissan and their shared desire to keep the successful successor "in a statement released after a meeting in Paris.

The management of Nissan has collaborated with the long-term French Renault partner "to remain whole" after an extraordinary meeting lasting more than four hours in Yokohama, a capital city of Japan.

Nissan's board of directors, which comprises two representatives from Renault, was unanimous that the suspicion was emphasizes Carlos Ghosn, a Franco-Japanese marriage memorandum enough to resign his position as president.

Nissan confirms the statement of this radical decision with "real verification duties", and # 39; mentions "to reduce its income for a long time in the financial reports, illegal use for personal property investments and cost reports".

Hiroto Saikawa, leader of the Japanese self-propagation activist, declared for publicity on Monday at a total news conference against Carlos Ghosn, the assistant & # 39; before.

It was expected that the interim chairman would take the board, but no other person was appointed. The situation will be completed later.

This call was designated for Carlos Ghosn, who is 64 of one of the most powerful business captains in the world, at the end of almost 20 years by Nissan's leadership, most of his time as Head of Directorate and then to the council's leadership. Mitsubishi Motors, who joined the alliance in 2016, has the same punishment: a board of managers will meet on Monday.

The Franco-Brazilian-Brazilian officially remains the Head of Renault, but "temporarily banned" gave a detailed outline of the French maker in a Tuesday statement. Renault's frost is now held by its number, Thierry Bolloré, who works.

The life of Carlos Ghosn, who agreed to these three manufacturers to make the world one number one car, and # 39; plundering when the airplane put on land Monday in Japan. As soon as he was arrested, he remained quiet since then at the chill of a cleansing center in Tokyo.

– "Bad Badge" –

Officially, Hope is currently complaining that, with achievements, "his salary reduction is five times in reports that were submitted between June 2011 and June 2015", announces total financial services of 4.9 billion yen (approximately 37 million euros) rather than 10 billion years.

"This type of misdivision is one of the worst mistakes in the legislation placed on registered companies," said Tokyo vice president Shin Kukimoto, told Thursday reporters.

The provisions are plugged into the Japanese media on other crimes certified by Carlos Ghosn, for example by placing a " offers brilliant work for his sister.

His suspicions come from an internal audit conducted by Nissan in the past few months.

On Wednesday, the court decided to keep it out for 10 days to keep the reviews done; go. And this time may extend much longer than that, under the rules of the Japanese legal system.

The Nissan group, as a legal unit, may be theoretically charged, a representative and a prosecution said.

– Debate unions? – –

In case of this case that is & # 39; draws on the Federation as it was before it was born in 1999, the French government has rapidly increased its ability to achieve its independence. Ensure the future of the vitamin manufacturer, which has a 15% state.

As long as it is in Japan, the tone is officially the same, the local newspapers are; appears with anonymous statement by Nissan's officials saying that their organization wants to review the structure of its system. police, "an essential state to continue", according to them.

One of the objectives is to change the power balance established in the divisional crofts: Renault owns 43% of Nissan, but the Japanese have only 16% 39; affecting its relative trade, source of inspiration in the islands.

According to Nikkei's daily business, and # 39; Speaking on Nissan's activity, Carlos Ghosn tried to bring together the two groups, and "it was possible for a concrete plan to be finished in spring," a fusion situation; Mr Saikawa 's dispute is open.

These situations have been spread for a long time in the media. In March, Bloomberg reported on the union of the two groups.

In an interview with AFP in February, Ghosn said he wanted to "negotiate" between the three groups (Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi) and said, about a share: " Everything on the table. There is no taboo, there is no prohibition.


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