Gianfranco Macri is proofing by & # 39; come from the bibliography notes


Gianfranco Macri, president of President Mauricio Macri, says before the federal judge Claudio Bonadio begins in Comodoro Py in an investigation derived from the purpose of notebooks. The businessman, who came to the courts shortly after 7.30, had asked to suspend the investigation but his master refused. The judge also said his father, Franco Macri, who He did not appear because it was protected to show that he had severe health problems and that it is not in situations to provide a research statement.

The case will be & # 39; Investigate whether a group of entrepreneurs who dropped reductions on the city area's roads paid bubbles to access contracts in the transport, according to the statements as they agreed they were Abolition of Control of Road Charges (OCCOVI) Claudio Uberti. The old officer K told the court that there was an illegal collection plan in the & # 39; part of these companies during the Kirchner.

Really, the decisions to your relative are relative to # 39; paying brushes for the approval of North Access, through Autopistas del Sol, and through the Oeste SA conference group for Access Access.

This week, lawyers Gianfranco and Franco Macri asked to send out the checks, but Bonadio agreed to the request from his father's president. In his father's case, he made the show, after the lawyers stated that the employer bad health problems and is not in a statement case before the court. Besides the information, the lawyers gave a medical certificate that defines the status of the person, and it is possible for the judge to order an expert to confirm it.

In addition to Macri's families, Eduardo Eurnekian (Corporación América), Gerardo Ferreyra of Electroingeniería and Marcelino Aznar de Decavial were questioned. In the intent, Bonadio described "illegal amounts collected by the Occovi owner then and sent them with road raiders."

The detainees José López, the Secretary of Public Works, and Ricardo Jaime, who was Secretary of Transport, will be investigated again. The list includes officers from 20 companies connected to road arrangements, in a visit to audits ending on December 27th with statements by the former Planning Minister Julio De Vido and the old Secretary on Transport Ricardo Jaime.

Everything will be asked about Uberti statements, which were brought into account with brutal payments collected by national officials among road business carriers during the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner governments.

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