Gica Hagi sent her wife back with the conference address: "I say it is more difficult, I love you," but she knows I care about him "


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Gica Hagi had an interesting talk where he thanked his wife for the support he had given him throughout his life.

In a moment of determination, Gica Hagi said that he is benefiting from offering everything he asked for him, including “an amazing family”. In this way, he thanked his wife, Marilena, who said he had kept it every time, whatever his decision:

“I am the only person who is complaining about something that hasn't happened in my life. He gave me everything, sport, football, celebrity and amazing family. I have a wife who is with me and that gave me two children. And it supports me for the other 200 (the Academy's player). She found me if she didn't support me, that she gave me all the money. I give thanks for this. It also occasionally expects "but don't tell you that you love me." It is harder, I say harder. But she knows that they are looking after her too, " Gica Hagi said.

Gica and Marilena Hagi married in 1995 and have two children together, Kira (born 1996) and Ianis (born 1998).

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