Gillian Anderson Restaurants in Wiener Plattenladen – Stars


Need JavaScript to play. This can not be played. The Flash player is not right. Gillian Anderson, renowned for Dana Scully's "The X-Files" and recently in the "An Fall" series, "Hannibal" and "American Gods", came to a new TV, a & # 39; visit a near storage facility at Westbahnhof.

On the Substance Recordstore Facebook page you will be able to verify the high quality users. "The first buyer on Monday's morningsday, the amazing Gillian Anderson" can be read under the picture.

It is not possible to say that its current actress in Vienna is fully tested at present. Currently not filming according to "Internet Movie Database" in Austria. A few days ago, Gillian Anderson was still busy in London with a "special" project:

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