Gini Wijnaldum Liverpool shows a disturbance to her knees – and her Anfield has a chill


Gini Wijnaldum confesses that he was even ill-treated even though Liverpool was in a position; Overcoming Bournemouth – as he exposed the battle that was suffering from a lame problem.

He climbed Wijnaldum off his bed to perform well in the Redfield 3-0 competition at Anfield on Saturday.

The Dutchman, who won the second prize in Liverpool, was discharged from the team hotel the night before the game so that his teammate could not harm.

And the middle park is built on the bridges on how close it is; And it came to be not playing.

"Sunday night, I had a record from the doctor for my guy," said Wijnaldum. "A tableboard that could trigger stomach pains.

"I raised it and had pain and I thought it was from the table. At last I was sending a message and everyone was frightening.

"I was not trained on Friday and I did not sleep at the hotel either because they thought I could have an impact on other players.

"Did my manager name me and he did you think you can play?" "I said I was as advanced as I can.

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"In the morning I was still weak and I had a spell. I have to say that the charts have been a lot of help.

"Even at half a time I had to run out to go to the toilet. So I was, Oh! I do not!" I ran inside and got my control! "

Wijnaldum lost the last Monday luncheon at West Ham United with the lame problem he could also see; sitting out of his winning over Crystal Palace last month.

The Dutch confesses that it is still being disturbed by famine, but it is hopeful to manage it; case across the rest of the campaign.

Gini Wijnaldum Liverpool marks his second goal against Bournemouth
Gini Wijnaldum Liverpool marks his second goal against Bournemouth

"It was a bit intense," he said. "We played Leicester and we were good. Two, three games were played and he was married again.

"Then we played West Ham and was married again. I stayed again and it was good.

"Now we need to see how it's coming back. We have 10 games to the next game and it needs to be OK."

The Liverpool Division of Bournemouth ended up an unpleasant crisis after the 1-1 continued defeat the City of Leicester and West Ham.

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And Wijnaldum, who had his goal but the second one of the season and the first at Anfield from October 2017, said: "It's always a good answer when you win. There are three clear goals and pages Better than better. We need to make sure that we respond to every game, not just one game.

"If we had told us that this type of points at the end will all be taken. It could be better. But we need to be aware of where we stand. "

Liverpool, who will spend a lot of the week at a warm training camp in Spain, will not play until the week of Tuesday when they go. entertaining Bayern Munich in the first part of the 16th Games League tour.

Gini Wijnaldum marks his role with the Liverpool team, Fabinho
Gini Wijnaldum marks his role with the Liverpool team, Fabinho

And Wijnaldum is confident that a European resumption will not restart the Barriers Premier League's ambitions.

"We need to see how it works," he said. "I think we can both play it. We're right.

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"You do not know but many of the links it's doing well. The last season the European League was good and we put lots of points in the league.

"I do not believe it was because of the Games League."

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