Ginny's first shots from Aladdin's new Disney News


Disney has released a new teaser for "Aladdin" by Guy Ritchie – the film change on his classical classic cartoon. His video was first shown in the production of Jafar, Jasmine and, indeed, Ginny.

And although Ginny is only two seconds at the end, Will Smith smiled the ideas. The film added 13,000 people to 7,000 dizlaykov.

The video does not look good … The Lion King's search, for example, showed a lot of things; better.

Two countries

Type of deceit. This horrible movie is similar to a bad Bollywood movie.


I look at the train: Will Smith will type Gene. He liked the pictures with him in the EW magazine. The natural vision, fortunately, a completely different approach, I welcome the studio's preparation to try something different.

I have been watching the search: Oh. Oh nooooooo.


Earlier, Will Smith himself in social networks said that his normal human character and in some blue form would have two perspectives.

The genre of the film in Russia will be held on May 23.

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