Giorgio Jackson is banned by a message sent to Fernando Gago on Twitter Sport


The Extended Front applicant, Giorgio JacksonHe had hard words on Twitter to Fernando Gago, after her player Boca Juniors including the captain's jineta instead of Pablo Pérez, and he failed to finish his game.

In the 116 he turned out on his behalf and left his & her; court to abolish seriously injured. At that time, Boca lost 2-1 and was with one another by destroying Wilmar Neighborhoods.

"What an amazing thing about Gago… ", published by their parliament after they saw how the player left his team with 9 men.

After that, to make a strip against it because the images showed a serious injury, which was later confirmed hours, with the medical part that made sure that Gago He suffered a breach of the Achilles tendon on his right leg, for the third time in his post.

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