Girl & a; Feeling like hardened animals over a four year period at a mental health hospital


A teenage girl has told her how she "sings like a wild animal" long and She was four years old in a mental health hospital.

Faith Wilthew, now 18, was admitted to Lane Lane Hospital at Middlesbrough at the age of 14.

She says she was told she was a "choice of self" for self-harm and that no support was given by staff when she saw the signs tricky.

Her mother Kelly also tells how she once saw blood on the walls once again to Credit, before staff said that she was "her choice" to face her head.

Twenty members of staff arrested from the mental health center over claims that used "unconfirmed" ways to move patients, recite their BBC.

The Quality and Care Commission of Wales is Monitoring of hospital attendees after raising concerns in November was that patients who were moving patients in "non-teaching" and non-compliance policies ".

religion said that she felt she was imprisoned "

He was credited to explain how she was sometimes taken from bed with her legs and hands before she was dropped to the floor and kept back.

She said: "I was feeling a wild animal. Most of the time I was just feeling like I was in prison. I was there At 14 and my body had no tree and I came out at 18 full of trees.

"I had just told me that it was my own choice if I wanted to do harm.

"Sometimes they would build my bed from my bed and legs and just let down the floor and stop me. Things have to change."

Lane West Hospital in Middlesbrough

Faithful mother Kelly fought to get her home home after she had been divided.

Kelly explained how she once went to Edinburgh, she noted a blood that covered the walls after he had left a religion to hit her head against three days.

The worried mother said: "At the same time she began to hit her head against her wall.

"She did about 72 hours and told her that she was her choice if she wanted to go on.

His wife, Kelly, fought for her daughter to be released

"When I went in to see her blood was still on the wall."

Nurse director of Elizabeth Moody, Tees, Esk and Wear Valley, said: "The care and safety of all service users are our first priority and we expect our staff to show respect for their respect and well.

"We will accept any allegations that may be such a good suggestion.

"Our working standards are reviewed twice a day with senior clinical leaders to ensure the quality of care is delivered to young people all the time."

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