Girl told her to be convicted in a Catholic school bedroom: to say she was before – 12/12/2018


There was a protest about abuse in a school that hangs social networks in Mendoza today. When teenager told Twitter when she was 13 years old she was enacted in the comedy room of the Compañía de María religious school with a class class from her last year of her primary school. The girl is 17 years old and, with support from her family, she went to Justice. The case has been scrutinized this year by the Youth Crime Mosaza Office.

Representative of the Catholic school Fernando Bertonati confirmed that they are aware of their complaint and have contributed psychological support with the victim. "The girl was protected, she went with her. The school followed the School Leadership protocol to the letter and defended its & # 39; child all the time, "said the school's representative to Radio Nihuil, who said the youth has psychological support through the student leadership service.

The boy said the teenager named after the name and surname of social networks, a student at the school and just graduated. "All the tools and tools were put in place to protect the people involved," explained Bertonati.

Motivated by the case of the actor Thelma Fardin, the young man from Mendoza, named Flor (the last name is preserved for legal reasons), He decided to tell her illness and raise her complaint by going to her; emailing it & # 39; hashtag #MiraComoNosPonemos: "I was abused when I was 13 years old, I was very innocent, I was in a school company, María de Ciudad, in the primary school room" . Do you know how ugly it is that he has graduated from that school; see how did you get the diploma? does this change? "

He said in another Twiter's message he wanted to do it public so as not to "be silent as I did". And she said: "I stayed quiet for 4 years of my life, they disturbed me, they made me laugh … But today I talk, I make the decision Tell me. I was only 13 when they put my right away without permission. "" They are not, or what I am, but the society in which we live, men think They are better for us, just because there are things that are not women, but that's not that, "he continued. And he told us how the family was doing. responding when he learned about the abuse: "I was silent and killed me inside. My family got out this year all that happened to me. They know what to do with It's like listening to your family shouting as long as you're asleep, listening to my family saying they want to kill them, listening to their responsibilities. "

"They noticed me with just 13 years old, I was very innocent," He sent a post and hundreds of promotional and promotional messages from other young people who tried his message. "Flor is not alone, I believe you or my sister Sororo you", some of the phrases that received his message through social networks.

Maria's company in the Mendoza town is one of the most famous and oldest religious schools in the Cuyo area. It is located in the La Alameda area, in the northwest of Mendoza's capital and has more than a thousand students at primary and secondary stages.

2014 note from Los Andes newspaper said that this school is the oldest religious order created by Juana de Lestonnac in South America. "The Blackcats came into the area in 1780 when the Chilean bishop asked them, since Argentina was not a country as a country and the boundaries of Mendoza were part of the Chilean General Captain. It was the first place in the basic area – on Córdoba street between Salta and José Federico Moreno – but the building was destroyed by 1861 the building. Two years later, the order received a grant in current site (San Martín and Gutenberg). "Women from different social classes attended the company of Maria, and in recent decades, he has added men to the student registration.

Flor's complaint was recorded in the courts at the end of October of this year and is being investigated by the Prosecutor of Offenders for Women, Gustavo Farmache.

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