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Uruguayan is hosted on home fields and with a friendly France's friendly partnership without any doubt taking forward the speed of its & game from the whistleblower's referee.

That's why, the world's campaigners are the team with the first dangerous opportunities. At 4, Giroud fled from his case; protecting Uruguayan defender, Matuidi, but the end of the striker was mistaken and lost his job.

13 minutes, Uruguay returned Uruguay when Vecino's middle garden turned off after a cross to the right and gave him a talent. wizard Hugo Lloris to show talent.

vol 1-0 uruguay:
Mbappe left the very rapid range due to harm (Photo: Getty).

16 minutes, the score may be open to the guests if Mbappe was not a player; play well. In a favorable situation and he can complete his beautiful Giroud piece, Mbappe did not return to the penalty area, as long as none of its partners had a & # 39; supported.

More about their game but Uruguayan's own opportunities too. At 25, Vecino made a stroke on the right but it was not enough to hit the No. 1 of France football.

In a 30 minute moment, France suffered a huge downturn when Mbappe suffered badly bad after the incident with the Uruguayan guardian and can not continue to go to her. play. After leaving Mbappe out of the range, the French did not keep coherence in the attack lines and scored 0-0 after their first half.

vol 1-0 uruguay:
Giroud is a warrior at the home team (Picture: Getty).

In the second half, a home team suddenly falls ahead with the Giroud champion on the 11m site. At the end of the season, the French were more likely to break their & # 39; a member, the men of Deschamps were controlling his & her; game, they played calmly and did not show a lot of room for strikers on Uruguay's side.


84 minutes, Jonathan Rodriguez was almost the same as the score after Cavani had passed the Cavani. Unfortunately Rodriguez lost the place.

vol 1-0 uruguay:

Cavani and his unwanted counterparts before protecting France (Picture: Getty).

By the end of time, the Vecino player middle then threatened the dangers of Loris with a view from outside the penalty area, the ball being submitted but the keeper Tottenham is easy to catch.

Uruguay beat Uruguay with 1-0 score. Due to the loss of a coach, Deschamps forgets a short time to & # 39; sad when the Netherlands gets the ticket to the next board A1, 2018 UEFA / 2019. /.

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