Give millions of dollars to set fire fire to mark his son's 7 pounds step. Jiangsu Dad: I used 0 points.


In the last few days, a film was titled "Children moved 7 points and parents made a car to mark the fire fire" was popular among many of the Suqian citizens in the WeChat cycle . There were 7 parts in their exam and when Dad bought a car. The "fire show" exhibition.

In the movie, a young private car father used to install a car of firefighters and firefighters in the home, and watch the active people. I thought the human family had a happening event, but they could stay at the same time but they all lived. His 11-year-old son got 7 pounds on the test.

As well as removing fireworks and firefighters, the video men sent their relatives and friends, and they also saw her. crying and laughing.

Mr Zhou is said to be the father who lives in the Suqian town. Mr Zhou said he was involved in the cruise transport work in Sihong. For the short film that's red breaks, it's just about a minute rising, and nothing has to do before it happens. He had such an unattended impact.

Mr Zhou said his child's classes were not good enough. He often spoke he had a nasty number. He learned that the child had moved 7 points this time. In fact, he was not angry. To encourage the children, he moved his children to buy more than 1,000 yuan fireworks in the County of Congo. A safe area was found near Gangshan and began to release. The whole process was last for more than ten minutes.

Mr Zhou is likely to be happy to kill short films, and he often looks like it's a bit. share the joy and sorrow of our friends with friends on the WeChat circle and vibrato. I did not expect this video to reach 170,000 visits. He confirms that the child is now very responsible and proactive because of this incentive, and his mission is set up to set up a basic firewall mission. He said because of this incentive, the child received 57 points in the first two days.

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