Giving tolerance and love! Consumer disturbance to buy "ticket facts" Yoga Korea's behavior should be able to; comfortably Politics NOWnews News today


Korean Yu
▲ to prevent suffering and love! Netizens accepted the excuse to buy "buy a ticket" and the Yu shoulder of South Korea should be comfortable. (Image image / flip from face face of Korea)

Make "suffering and love"! Recently, a broadcaster of China completed a message "Yu Yu Korean 6,000 yuan to buy tickets" on the internet. He was disturbed today (21), saying he hoped to correct the election and then on Facebook. Unfortunately, it was a huge downturn. In this regard, not only did Korea Korea say, but also put his shoulder on his shoulder; access "something, unintentionally one", but also the media should not be damaged.

Yujin went to South Korea to the town; formerly and Xiaogang District to circulate the streets, but it was not expected that the Flintshire users suddenly collapsed and put out an excuse. "I am Lin XX from the Chinese Republic on November 17, 2007. The candidate bought a ticket and received a fraudulent news on the CCP's funding support, and expected that the candidate of the Yu Mayor of South Korea would be unsuitable by Damaging the reputation of Yu Mayor Korea.

▲ Named by him, Jin Jin excused and apologized to Yu Zheng in South Korea. (Flip photo / editing) "width =" 656 "height =" 523 "class =" size-full wp-image-3081671 "srcset =" 2018 / 11 / 1542809151-93e4e478263a924b55441d65f9dfbc99.jpg 656w, 300w, Suspaint / increase Wp / 2018/11 / 1542809151-93e4e478263a924b55441d65f9dfbc99-527x420.jpg 527w "sizes =" (max-width: 656px) 100vw, 656px
▲ Named by him, Jin Jin excused and apologized to Yu Zheng in South Korea. (Flip photo / editing)

He explained that he had no party and nothing. He never heard the truth, but he did not find the poem on Facebook. He wanted to correct the election. How could the storm become more wild, causing concern to relatives and friends? He told him that he sent his friends and the Kuomintang Department and took forward the campaign to impose apologies. He said perfectly to South Korea, "I'm sorry!"

Yu Jian of South Korea was on his shoulder and comforted him, "Nothing, misunderstanding, Mr Lin's worrying!" Did the media ask for helpers Lin did they change to South Korea? Yu jumped out of his area and replied "Do not do it, let people have a feeling of tomorrow!" Then he asked the staff to " take another group to leave.

With regard to "describing a" corruption of Korea, "Yu Korea replied that he did not; it means the DPP. It may have been words and radical individuals. He also reminded that democratic politics is not easy to come, and I hope that the people of the whole country will be depressed. By committing the principle of "love and suffering", you do not have to make such an election.

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