GLC Mercedes-Benz to launch F-Cell The Siver


Mercedes-Benz using GLC F-Cell

The first batch of the car will be updated on specific markets of Germany.

The type of F-Cell GLC model officially launched by Mercedes-Benz.

This is a & # 39; mentions

The main difference between modules is that this is the version of the hybrid hydrogen of the PHEV. Staff of the company say that a & # 39; electric cars, but despite this there is a specialized biodegradable situation, which allows a car to be operated on petroleum fuel.

The car can be rented to organizations involved in the provision of services such as rents of modern tools.

For drivers to get full advantage of their & # 39; car on hydrogen fuel in a period of time across the country, stations will be built that works in a range of hydrogen activation.

Technical data of the updated model has not yet been identified, but experts believe that the machine needs additional batteries as electric behaviors and hydroelectric cylinders are designed for hydrogen.

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