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"Ms. Lila Hussain Business Development Director at the Suicide Sensation Awareness in Malaysia".

Ms. Lila Hussain was hosting Glitzkoin at the Malaysia World Cup World Cup event in Malaysia. Navneet Goenka's CEO of the Glitzkoin Diamond Blocks Project had confirmed that it was an essential obligation to participate in events associated with the " community. There is more diabetic in Malaysia compared to other Asian countries. Sharing an awareness is about & # 39; prevention and diabetes can be very important.

Ms Lila Hussain (Director of Business Development) represented Glitzkoin at an event & # 39; Saudi Health and Health Day, Felda Neram 1 in Terengganu (Malaysia). The event was held to raise awareness of the causes, control and the measures associated with diabetes.

Yang Berbahagia Tuan Haji Abdul Hamid, Manager Felda Neram 1 was an honorary hospitality. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Ahmad, Medical and Family Scientist at the Cheneh Government Clinic also welcomed the event. At the same time as the World Blood Day event and the clinic provided medical examinations to senior citizens without cost.

Ms Lila had to say about the event, & … … Glitzkoin is willing to support events that help society in general. Navneet Goenka's Chief Executive has done such projects in India and Malaysia, the aim is to help us as lucky in our society. It can not succeed business and society as two non-associate groups, social responsibility is so important in making profits … &

The events that provided health and related health related surveys of the event were very full throughout the day. It was very awesome to see people who are worried about their health. As well as advising on the risk factors that could establish a founder for diabetes, health experts also have a division of ideas related to the control and control of illnesses, sugar.

Ms Lilla Hussain said, Community days are a good way to get a message out because they are very hopeful and attractive and have a sad audience. Glitzkoin is really pleased to be part of the important events. "

Blood sugar levels are an important part of diabetes, participants at the event have been explained about the symptoms of Type 2 and Type 2 diabetes. The relationship between food and blood sugar levels to be shown effectively. Encourage participants to check the blood before and after food. Breakfast was given to all partners. He was very keen to see the enthusiasm of everyone who was present. It can not only cause a sense of sensation to produce diabetes, it can also increase the problem of diabetes; in blackbirds.

November 14 celebrates World Blood Day annually, B & # 39; WHO (World Health Organization) and IDF (International Symbian Syndrome Federation) which highlighted the importance of that day. November 14 also shows that Sir Fredrick Banting's date is one of the people who are responsible for finding insulin in the & # 39; year 1922. Sir Fredrick's and Charles Best's intense research grew into insulin found in 1922. This came to fruition to become one of the biggest drivers in the control and treatment of illnesses, sugar.

Navneet Goenka gave a correct summary of Glitzkoin's way to help communities and society, he said, "… Glitzkoin is not very close to health business, the project aims to develop the diamond industry. To say, we are very fortunate that we have managers and staff, who are willing to support the communities in which we live and work. We will continue to search for events and areas where we can help. I also want other corporate homes to take part in improving society and helping them be so lucky.

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