Global figures fall into international power hold


The third day of the Fazza International Competition was marked by a strong competition and a non-final decision to record new international figures with the players. Itali Teleska Donato and Fatima Korani na hEipheit published two international figures in the youth sector. Donato built 170 kg in the group 72 kilograms and higher are young and gold cover at the cost of Mohamed Ali na hÉipheit. In my group, there were 61 kilograms of women and 61 kilograms of females, Fatima received her; first album all over the world, and his neighbor met Jihan Abdulaziz with a narrow edge. Fatima won two gold medals in each group.
The Egyptian team welcomed the public with the continuing legacy of their players, They also received the same gold and silver medal day through Mohammed's gold hopes in a group of 73 kilograms of women and gold Mohammed al-Alfi 80 kg and Mahmoud Attia money in the weight of 72 people who did not stop Pharaohs' performance here for two Another gold to win the start of his / her competition; Fourth day through the player Mohammed Hussein and the player Hani Abdul Hadi in Egypt have been the title of the medal number to date (9 gold, money).
On the same day, the British Britney Arinds won in the 73kg group of women and Marianna Danidra in Brazil in the & # 39; 67 women 's group. Rasul Mohsen from Iraq gave his first gold medal in the & # 39; 72kg group. The Iraq player, Rasool Mohsen, was injured with tears of the shoulder when attempting to break a world record when he raised 230 kg. He was arrested by a public when he was injured during the building. & # 39; a medical committee to help him and he gave him the cure needed. For rest and cure for a while.
The Jordanian gameplayer, Mohammed Al-Schnayati, confirmed that his happiness was different from his achievements at international Fazza when he won his gold medal. Fazza a & # 39; his first international championship. Mohammed, 17, is regarded as one of the youngest players in the competition. In breaking the constraints and its # 39; addressing the challenges that lie ahead, they will recover the & # 39; Disabled barriers and who do not fight with difficult situations of life. Muhammad says he was his most supportive mother, but he had the adverse effects; She has been at & # 39; To challenge, confirm, and solve Mohammed to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games to add to the award of the gold medal in Fazza to promote self-confidence in the international Fazza private dream that is one of the strongest international championships.

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