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PwC Zicheng and World Bank published "Global Tax Collection Survey Report 2019". Among the 190 economies in the world, Taiwan was on 29th of the world this year, especially because the "after-verification methodology" had improved.

The "2019 Global Tax Pay Report" is a survey carried out in the 2017 tax data. A tax equity measure is an integral number of taxes that a medium-sized company requires in a normal payment case in a year given. Fees and fees are the four main indicators of the inspection: the number of fees paid, tax surrender, the total tax level, and the "verification procedure".

Taxes and taxes include corporate income tax, capital gains, labor taxes, and other taxes, including indirect taxes, valuable land value taxes, land prices fees, housing taxes, a "probation" method after confirming "a & # 39; Focusing on a business tax appeal and the administrative procedures after making an income tax of the beneficial business. It does not include a review, petition and administration campaign. It is a new two-year project.

"Taxpayers Payment" said Taiwan's PwC Area Commander, Wu Weitai, International Affairs Director of Zicheng United Public Accountants and PwC Asia Pacific Tax Marketing Partner, Taiwan had 29th in the world this year , in particular due to the "post-verification procedure" This year's survey is best that the opportunities to investigate as a result of the income tax checker report and the lower business tax rebate, and the tax reimbursement method and business tax reimbursement period are shorter than the other countries.

Wu Weita believes that one of the reasons for the lowest probability is to investigate that a tax account is provided by a accountant. The normal case in the inspection report has confirmed its & # 39; to give a census on the standard. Although this increases the tax compliance period, taxpayers can shorten the communication time of the two parties through a & # 39; compliance with the tax law. The tax declaration is a very special tax and does not complete it.

Wu Weita reminded that the total tax liability includes income tax, tax and other taxes, and his / her taxation; Taiwan's total tax level burden survey. It can be seen that there are no taxes in some taxes, but insurance, health insurance prices, etc. This is indirect indirect staff costs. Fees.

According to the survey results, Taiwan is not a very good tax rate, but when the staffing fees are combined, Taiwan's ratings will be reduced.

Wu Weita said taxpayers need to have higher skills under new technology, which means strengthening the training of tax workers. In addition, in order to attract foreign investment, return efficiency and tax collection, which are dependent on new technology, but also a simple tax system, easy to understand and well-managed. (Liu Yuhui / Taipei Report)

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