Gloria's daily telling song, from the series Chaves & # 39;


Picture: Change / Instagram

The 71-year-old actress Olivia Garcia Leyva, who played Glory Glory on the Chaves exhibition, died in early February, according to the publication by his daughter Olivia Peralta. The causes of death were not spread.

She wrote: "Mother, if I was lucky in this life, it is because I have been your mother, so many women are not so strong, strong and deep, you know I've never lost money […] Is there a person's value in delivery and the time they spend in a & # 39; paying attention to others. You learn me to fight with my own strength, not out of sight of anyone or anything. You gave me freedom, and many people did not know them. Thank you very much, thank you for choosing me as your daughter and her; Give me these wings to enjoy life. "

As Brazil knows in order to make the comedy program integrated, his actress lived Pathet's father-in-law (Maggie Vera). Olivia was born in Acapulco, and Olivia won the Mná competition in 1967.

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