Glory Boca and controversial ex DT, stone for the last lost loss by the River in Madrid – 12/13/2018


Jorge "Chino" Benitez, He is a former player and coach of his knees; club because he was a player, as well as getting three local competitions, he built Two Libertadores and Intercontinental Cup, so it's a vocal voice when he talks about xeneize. Y The last lost lost by the Sabbath River last year was broken down.

The former player and coach of the Super Deportivo Radio, on Radio Villa Trinidad, spoke and was worst: "There is no further revenge, in Boca's history he lost his game and lost him"In addition, he said that Guillermo Barros Schelotto should continue to be a coach of the club, but he put three candidates in fear of failing to happen: Ricardo Zielinski (Atlético Tucumán), Leonardo Madelón (Union of Santa Fe) and Gustavo Alfaro (Doran).

"Angelici has been working very well at the station, he has contributed to the school, financially, as far as possible, many leaders have ideas and do not They do not know football, you need to take technology by name and cover it with people who know the club, I respect it, and it's not a # 39: face, which gives him a peace of mind to work with the habitat. Riquelme can make it calm"Follow him.

In his stage as DT xeneize, Benítez won the South American Cup in 2004, but in 2005 there was a breach for a repeatable event in the Copa Libertadores year. In the fourth quarter, the Boca had dropped 4 to 0 in Guadalajara and when he returned in the & # 39; Bombonera can not go to # 39; Stand the impotence that can not turn the row and Spit on "Chivas Adolfo" Bofo "Baptist on the Mexican side, he really paid him.

Alberto's "Beto" Márcico speak another man about her & her; final of the Libertadores Cup, in the Sport Super Mitre program, but with a different time. The old 10 of Boca said the team was Two twins He did "70 minutes good, but the last tiredness was playing against" and that's the case hit by "players' physical condition".

Beto Márcico le Beto Alonso. (Photograph: Hernán G. Rojas).

Beto Márcico le Beto Alonso. (Photograph: Hernán G. Rojas).

"The River did not create a destination for Boca," said Marqueo. And he said "Talk to Blas (Giunta) and we are happy to deliver Nández, he should be a captain of the team, he has the DNA boster". He said "Tevez should continue in Boca and as a start" and also "I would not worry that Guillermo continues as a"

He also agreed to Riquelme that "the loss of Independiente del Valle was worse than the face of the River" and was played by Cardona no Tevez and not by Pavón. Finally, Beto left a message to the fans of the River, which overwhelmed the joy of those days: "The Libertadores Cup does not include the decline."

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