GMs have a real solution to GMs for Slashing Jobs after the money they have made. last year


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General Motors have a great politician, General Motors are pleased to have been arrested by Carlos Ghosn and more than waiting for you at The Morning Shift for Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

1st Gear: O Hey, Remember That Unlock? And the Fee?

Man, remember when General Motors got a great military victory after Chapters 11 announced? And then that big tax break from the GOP tax bill last year, where did that money go?

It seems to be no to American jobs, how to name a & # 39; The company did not close a number of factories in Ohio and Michigan (and Canada, not in America) and cut around 15,000 jobs yesterday.

People are pissed. Politics in particular.

The two democratic and Republican politics are wonderful, according to Bloomberg. Ohio Senator Democrat Sherrod Brown, tweeted Although GM "had paid a big deal on big taxes" last year, it was still "not to spend money in American jobs." He indicated the decision "yes at the worst level."

Democratic representative Tim Ryan, who includes the Lordstown plan, wants collecting hearings on how the tax was charged by GM.

From the story:

"The American people are entitled to find out if the tax cuts they have paid are used to circulate corporate profits at the expense of economic security and American workers last," Ryan wrote in a letter to the Steering Committee Directors and Media Studies He urged them "to examine the results of this corporate tax booklet."

And Ohio's General Republic, Rob Portman (who, as Bloomberg says, said GM helped to get the corporate tax cuts last year), he said, "The General Decision General worries me. "

Democrat Representative Joe Kennedy III tweeted:

And finally, a leading group called Not One Penny measured that GM saved more than $ 500 million from the tax cuts. Speaker Ryan Thomas,

"General" Motors "decision that affects its staff is a" affecting physical behaviors The Republican in Congress has advocated for generations. Instead of using large tax savings to increase employee salary or invest in its employees, GM is a blocking plants and cutting jobs to increase profits and make more wealthier owners. "

Indeed, Michigan and Ohio both claimed to invade Trump during the 2016 president's election. During his campaigns, he promised "stand up" for American workers and restore jobs from abroad. Let's see what the president said in 2017:

Trump was talking about a & # 39; Watching factories covered by its motorcycle – "big, one amazing business that offers jobs" – with a & # 39; First Lady Melania asked what happened to the images that are now in her. Rust that was once the heart of the Ohio steel industry.

"I said, these jobs are away from Ohio. They are all back. They are all back. Do not move, sell your family," said the president the audience is exciting.

Therefore for that! Naturally, CEO GM Mary Miri's CEO GM deceived the president, as has been marked by her. Wall Street Journal here:

On Monday, Mr Trump said he told Mr Barbara that she should stop cars in China and open a new plant in Ohio to replace her finishing location.

"They're better than a bad new plant opened there quickly," said Mr Trump in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on Monday, saying he spoke to Barra on Sunday Sunday Sunday.

"I like Ohio," said Mr Trump. & # 39; Dh & # 39; tell me, & nbsp; play around with the wrong person. & # 39; "

Trumbull County, where a Lordstown factory, triggers Trump 51 percent of the vote after a 60% vote for Barack Obama in 2012.

He's really drinking, but it seems like a GM spirit is made up.

The second Gear: It's just a business; there

Although staff and elected officers are in the cost of cutting and MG's restructuring decisions, it is very unlikely that there are investors, investors and researchers.

When news about the new guidelines broke yesterday, up 4.8 per cent. People seem to be happy with the "new GM" approach to tackle problems.

Maryann Keller, independent self-analysis and who has written much about GM, believes that this is all part of a business nature, according to Bloomberg. She said:

"In the meantime, MG management did not respond sooner – they went through a slow and disruptive disaster that broke out in 2009, and that's a hard lesson on learning. This is a slow, global, competitive, slow-growing, and you can not continue to make unprofitable vehicles, especially when you go. Undertaking real investments in a business move service without being able to make a future profit. "

Indeed, when you think about your market, what is not that? making GM make that different from what Ford did, Moving to production lines to SUVs, electric cars and devolution and cutting costs because someone does not buy a little sedans. It is a radical move, but save a man from next year, which was a financial crisis and a broken.

However, it seems that those employees lose their jobs as the class class reserves, but that's the game!

Third Gear: Let me give Socialism Please, Eh?

And now, something you've never seen in America: why not just GM?

"It's the time," a & # 39; climbing David Olive in The Star on Toronto in response to the news that GM Mall opens Oshawa's performance in Ontario, "to be a bad idea of ​​creating a & # 39; the first largest automation devices in Canada. "

It shows that Canada has been in & # 39; building cars longer than Toyota and who is a giant and independent auto car independent auto parts. These companies will serve people all over the world, & # 39; Ford, FCA, GM, Toyota and Honda are usually exported to the US market.

Olive Solution? Canada is buying Canadian GM. In his editing:

By buying GM Canada as a whole, b & # 39; There would be a real self-contained main device in Canada. GM Canada is working on a collection and pieces of plants, engineering sites, distribution centers, a trading network across the country and a cold weather test center at Kapuskasing.

Once again, Canadian Canada would start to plan Canadian Canadians. And, learning from that, it would be a successful vehicle design for snake markets all over the world, becoming a diverse company throughout the country. It would go abroad to large economies and its; emerging. The last ones are the fastest growing markets in the world, where Canada's "brand" brands are well-known and favorable.

And Canada's independent business device has now not been progressed by making of remote GM products, which has recently taken place by Oshawa.

It is true that Canada does not have a self-propelled machine, despite cars from everyone else. Olive believes that Canada's shelves would not be screened over Canadians as one of the Americans who just wanted to. do. It is finishing,

According to the old word, one or one works or is done. We allowed MG to act on us in unsatisfactory ways long enough.

There are other examples of the influence of mobile plants on Canada. But for now let's leave an example of GM. And we'll see how he goes out there.

You can read the rest of the fire here.

4 Gear: & # 39; It's hard & # 39;

Back to Nissan-Renault! We should not forget to forget Carlos Ghosn after all the GM news that she has; going ahead since yesterday. If you woke up, it was surprising that the news about arresting allegations seemed to have been reported on its income and also using company assets for personal purposes, not you were alone.

It seems that the French attack was attacked, according to Automotive News Europe. From the story:

It seems that Renault's arrest is Renaissance and the French government, Renault's largest shareholder. In the past week, both were included in the form of imperial damage, with the government to support the & # 39; Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, and Renault employs a CEO to take responsibility and take responsibility. Start an internal review to investigate the compensation of the Gosn.

Especially, however, the government or Renault did not give personal protection to Death. Bruno Le Maire, the financial minister, said that Ghosn was not in a position to continue on the Renault, and it is hoped that the friendship of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi – which he said "non-essential" on a reserved Sunday.

Indeed, connecting theories also fly around, which are always fun to think. One says that Nissan Chief Executive, Hiroto Saikawa, felt that Gosn had "spent too much power" and wanted to change the union favorably regarding Nissan.

This explained why Saikawa told him he was a "coup" during his news conference and because there is little information about the costs against Gosn.

Anyway, a very important CEO / chairman of arresting a great car company! It's crazy! In fact, things will be very difficult for a while. We can see more information as this is scratched out.

5 Gear: At the same time FCA

Although everyone else is tired of / about GM and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Fiat Chrysler is a & # 39; trying to improve its edges by building more cars in Italy.

Unnamed union resources said FCA would "build a" raft "of new cars in Italy, which could be & # 39; including Jeeps and some of the Alfa Romeo SUV, according to Reuters. The plans are part of the strategy outlined by Sergio Marchionne before his death. From the story:

In its final strategy opened in June, Marsionne promised to keep Italian plantations forward to stop Alfa Romeos, Jeeps and Maseratis instead of more profitable carriages in an attempt to protect work and increase margins .

It is anticipated that the Melfi plantation in the southern part of Italy will take the Jeep Compass and the construction of the Jeep Renegade already. The Fiat Punto is the Compass. Pomigliano's factory might be able to keep it off. building Fiat Panda and maybe he gets the new "Baby Jeep" that would appear under the Renegade for his & # 39; European market. The Mirafiori plant in Turin could start to make Fiat 500 electricity, although these plans are not yet final.

And Alfieri Maserati is probably built in Modena, where the logo is based.

Fine, all funny. Keep it on, FCA.

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