Gnecco herbs make paths with "old cul …" to Paty Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña Glamorama


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / December 9, 2018

"They seem to have a good feeling … Well, you're welcome!" Is the last sentence in the public communist Luis Gnecco against Paty Maldonado and Raquel Argandoña.

The 56-year-old actress began his battle against the morning panel makers; write these words on Instagram, where it accounts for over 45,000 followers.

This sentence is in response to a news release today in El Mercurio newspaper, which tells about the work plans of Maldonado and Argandoña.

His projects include a concert café in the second half of the next year. "Viejas Culías" will be here, which describes its & # 39; Gnecco's footprint set up for Paty and Raquel a few days ago.

The main filmmaker featured The Forest of Karadima no Neruda "old cullacha" to Argandoña and Maldonado because Raquel made a humorous statement when they put Amparo Noguera from Channel 13.

Months ago, Amparo was sent to & # 39; His first voice to ask him to leave Paty Maldonado from Mega, after his death. controversy where the actress Alejandro Goic left rapidly the Mega morning rod when the singer went in. Goic later explained that "not giving me the soul" is to be with people who have a " protecting torture and how people were killed during Pinochet's democracy.

At the same time, in the last April, in the session for her & # 39; withdraw the bill for giving a debtor for the victim's debtor, deputy headquarters Ignacio Urrutia explained the people who suffered as a "terrorist with bonuses".

The sentence was subsequently punished by the Parliament Chamber Chamber Acting Committee, which included a penalty for the parliament.

However, Maldonado posted his Facebook: "You are on your pants and it's not like the others on your hill that just spend them to cover … Come, the interest -Urrutia holding a war. Never forget the brave heroes die on their legs and die on their knees and & # 39; crying. "

This message was moved and made public, creating a wave of creditor to the singer, who has received complaints from different areas for his position against this year's message.

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