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Thursday, November 22, 1818, 14:20 PM (GMT + 7)

This relationship is due to & # 39; I'm dissatisfied with my sweetheart.

Bed-bed with colleagues because of being tired of her beloved

On the side of that colleague, I helped me with the difficulties that had been; I had to buy, eat in a luxurious restaurant to take on … (Artwork)

So my story and my sweetheart took place throughout the sixth year. Looking back, I was angry by myself. I was too tough, motivating and I now pay for his intense activities. I like to sit on the fire, I do not know how to do it.

I – a girl who loved many people like beautiful water, but there was no good water, but in general, the men met me to tell me it was attractive. I have a lovely love with my sweetheart from the college. It's a big division like me. That day, there are not two children in the country, poor, without money and so they love each other. Swam to the sea, and meet it; sea ​​together for a happy future.

After graduating, both of us moved to work. A lover will earn a lot of money. I should be happy, but not … the biggest thing I'm bored. All because of my sweetheart … During her love, as students do not have money and so we do not. going right. We eat the backdrop, cheap stuff, there are also simple gifts. That day, I did not see any problem but now I'm going to see it. feel sorry.

I'm not greedy, counted, but now my love is I earned a lot of money, but he did not give me anything. Since leaving school, he went to work, the data still remains the same, cheap gifts, street meals … Even even every time. tell me his shirt to buy his clothes for expensive money, he refused it again. I'm very tough.

Looking out for friends, people love them to make money that does not match my love but now go to the movies, travel, buy expensive gifts that I called. I never did that for me. The fabric that uses only a few basic sets, rather than replacing them. It saves every penny, one thing to go; tired of me I'm not sorry to tell anyone for fear of being irritated. Give such a lasting relationship without having any precious gifts.

He is still going on, I've just played her every moment his mouth sentence: "We need to be struggling for the future, try a baby save a little. " Slightly, I was hurt, trying to refuse to go out. I also thought about & # 39; Break up but I'm not ready to do it after 6 years of surrender.

Recently he said that the project is busy, I have a gift. I was laughing. His gift is sure he throws a few pieces of throwing out of the street. For many years, I'm still weird. I'm quiet … I hope after this busy event, I officially say the word.

At the same time, I put my colleague down. This relationship is due to & # 39; I'm dissatisfied with my sweetheart. I and her will go to bed together. At the side of my colleague, I helped me with the difficulties I had with the times it gave me to go to; buy, eat in a nice restaurant to try to … Do not know & # 39; if it could go long, but I dug my tongue into his bed. Together, he asked me to accept it. Good … At least, I was going to break up with my lover for years.

That day, in the morning, I woke up in the hotel with my colleague and got a call from my sweetheart saying that it would take me to place and place my gift. I agree unhappy. Anyway, I have to go to see it quietly.

I can not think, where it was directed to the room still full. It was empty, which was taken away. Honestly, I was not happy at the time but I was still trying to do it. And then, before my eyes come a good room. Although everything is sitting on the side, but it looks sufficient to understand its value.

He said to me: "It's your warmth. It's not ready, today it was let in. I want to take away. For years, I worked and I lost my love. I had to pour it out, save money to buy this room, we do not have to rent again. Just a few months later, He still needs little money but certainly until he paid. Now he's married, it's the man's wedding and the one who gets a new house. The room will be the name. Are you happy? Are you missing it? "

Your words make my ears … For many years he saved, to save money to achieve this big plan. But I do not know if he is blamed. Now I'm feeling very guilty and I'm not worthy of yours. I'm exploring my conscience? Should I give everything to you for good or not to hear how to put horns on his head?

The story is a bloody lesson for girls at a wedding doorstep.

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