Go to original origins. Matouek will be hosting back to Pbrami


Jan Matouek from Babylon (right) lost to Dukla.

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Jan Matouek's uncommon football player at the java behind Pbram. A fourteen year old talent returns to the dark, from where he goes to Slavie. Guide to & # 39; first league reported on his site.

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It's a Slavie game in Matouek from August, when a chain gave a million crowns to your Pbrami dog. The original producer began in the autumn in the autumn, when Jindy Trpiovsk trained for a maritime division.

Matouk was the seventh place in the league, in the Champions League of Europe. He highlighted the most talented corridor in Copenhagen, where he focused on the goal and helped go to spring.

Jene slides at Matouc's minute in the slalom's dress had gone up. During winter Pbram was agreed: if it seemed that Matouek would not be too much to eat, he would go to the cohort.

We are pleased to go to the original development of Honza Matouk. So, he will be a regular winner of the first league in Pbram. In the autumn we had to break down to Sleat, because he was injured, editor Jan Nezmar said.

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