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The investment museum, George Soros, has recently launched a record of 3 successful jobs.

Soros Fund Management, established and its city by Soros, has terminated its completion of Facebook (FB-US) in the third quarter of this year, and also Netflix (NFLX-US) and Goldman Sachs (GS-US) divisions, all three stocks run, the fourth quarter has fallen sharply. Facebook and Goldman Sachs closed at the low level of Tuesday, with the two companies falling 20% ​​and 15% respectively in the fourth quarter. Netflix has grown to 29% since September.

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Facebook, Netflix, Goldman Sachs stock price transfers

By selling these stocks, Sorley got a hand. The Barron Weekly & # 39; See Soros would not have a & # 39; Sale of shares at the time, would get a loss of around $ 17.7 million in the fourth quarter.

Soros' investment company on these repository changes was published in a document sent last week last week, but he refused to comment on the contract.

However, Soros's Facebook sale does not indicate that Soros has not put money in Facebook because he can still invest in Facebook through private investment or other devices, and does not mean a & # 39; company has purchased since the fourth quarter. In front of the book.

According to the document, Soros Fund Management also purchased Alibaba (BABA-US) and Micron (MU-US) has long been & # 39; And they sell Facebook, Netflix and Goldman Sachs sections.

At the end of the second verse, Soros Fund Management, which is managing the Soros family property, has 159,200 Facebook sections (its company had no share on Facebook at the end of its first season, so every new purchase for the second verse), to the third At the end of the season (end of September), Facebook shares its entirety.

Facebook shared a different price of $ 126.85 on Tuesday, which was unexpected in January 2017. Since then, a public opinion has been criticizing Facebook, especially after the New York Times reported on November 14th. Heads of Statement Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg stated that Russian forces were influencing their election through the website and tried to explain their criticism as their peers' aggression.

Facebook has denied the New York report, saying its content is not real, saying that its company was so slow that it did not; He can not deter Russian forces on Facebook and other misuse. But in the two years from the 2016 Presidential election, we have made a huge investment in employing more people and their clients. Develop more technology to improve the quality and safety of our services.

The Soros Assignment Authority sold Facebook sales before the end of the third quarter and implemented before the report was released by New York Times.

In the third quarter, Soros Fund Management also sold Netflix 89% of shares with 106,400 shares, and leaving only 13,800 departments at the end of September, and then Netflix shares started to fall from October.

The Goldman Sachs section started this month as a result of the 1MDB financial scanner, but before the screen began, the Soros Fund Administration was sold out of Goldman Sachs departments, and by the end of September, Goldman's tenancy Sachs a & # 39; Company decreased from 64,814 shares in the end of June to 28,206 shares. South Westerly

Alibaba, ADR, the Chinese Internet network fell, 11.2% in the third quarter. At some third quarter, Soros Fund Management bought a total of 91,200 departments, but as the Sino-US trade station has not yet been completed, the fourth quarter to date is Alibaba's stock price. Another 11% fell.

Soros Fund Management also purchased 490,100 departments in Micron, but as it was in Alibaba, Micron closed nearly 14% in the third quarter. The quest for its quarterly quarter has decreased by almost 20%.

If Soros Property Management is still holding Alibaba and Micron, the book lost in the fourth quarter of this year is about $ 6.2 million.

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