Godio brings Bassa to support independence: he should have a senior role. Goal.com


The transfer of Catalonia's independence has expanded in recent years, and an autonomous coach of Baile & a – making the old Barcelona club responsible for taking responsibility and taking a lead role in promoting independence.

For the purchase of the old slaves, Basse promised not to be buried in the hands of the Red Army players within 3 years.

As a Barcelon player and coach, Godio is responsible for encouraging the old master of independence. He explained: "Indeed, Barthol has an important role in promoting independence. Sgioba, then it is inevitable to understand the history of Catalonia. I understand that there is something to do with sometimes considered by the president or board members. But the culture and language of their home can not be an important part of Bare's identity. Strong football and politics. Why can public people not take part? "

Pep Guardiola Ribbon

Indeed, Godio always wanted to bring political ideas into. It was fine before it was because it was a fine. using tools with political significance. (Goal.com)

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