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The Sino-SA conflict has risen. The Vice President of the United States, Burns, makes it clear that the United States will launch a broad Cold War on the mainland unless the mainland agrees to a wide change. And just as the relationship between the two countries is killed,US President Trump meets President Xi Jinping at the G20 meeting at the end of the month. Here is & # 39; The first face-to-face meeting between the two headquarters in the last year. Both sides offer a business meeting to attract external attention. In the 31 program of the world, I was asked to teach Professor Huang Jiezheng of the University of Tamkang's Strategic Research Institute, and Huang Baohui's guest thoroughly analyzed the international situation.

▲ US President Donald Trump. (Dealbh / Reuters)

▲ US President Donald Trump. (Dealbh / Reuters)

The worst conflict in the last few years, the two sides impeded rockets

Israel has bordered the boundaries of Gaza Strip and the Palestinian military group of Hamas again on a new wave of conflicts. Israel says Hamas has attacked over 370 roosts, but 60 of them have been transferred to a shovel protection system. And Israel has also launched a major air strike, which has been locked in many military targets and has been launched. fighting hard.

▼ Gaza Trail between Israel and Palestine. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

▲ ▼ The conflict between Israel and Palestine in Gaza Strip. (Dealbh / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

Denuclearization is handsome? The US thought tank received a basic center for the secretaries of North Korea

With the Sichuan-Golden Conference in June this year, the unofficial differences of the United States and North Korea on the Revolutionary Point of America, and the latest report released by the US tank is indicates that 20 unpublished confidentiality centers were found in North Korea through satellite images. At least 13 of them are still working, which means that it is a "big scam". in the promise of Kim Jong-one to draw on behalf of Korea Peninsula by Trump and President of South Korean Courage Zai.

As many as 20 secretariat centers in Korea have now been working. (Figure / discharged from the official CSIS website)

▲ There are as many as 20 non-denominated secretaries in Korea who are still working. (Figure / discharged from the official CSIS website)

NT NT $ 945 billion! Tmall double 11 converter again

"Tmall Double 11 Global Carnival" is going on for the tenth year this year. Alibaba Group has also paid beautiful transcriptions. Not only for two hours, but also broke the revenue of 400 billion yuan, with a total sale of 945.7 billion. Yuan, then updated on a monthly calendar year. Among them, it is a health meal in which; First of all the activity, and the first is in Jingdong Shopping phones. The data also has a & # 39; show people are willing to spend money to improve their quality of life.

▼ Threads 11 dropped 11 new day-to-day trading sizes. (Ali figure / footprint)

▲ News / 2135 million! Tmall doubled 11 new day-to-day trading books. (Ali figure / footprint)

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