Gold prices Friday 8-2-2019 in the markets


Gold price on Friday 8 February 2019, a remarkable increase of two pounds, winning a score 21, the 644 tons of each arm in Egypt.

The rise in gold prices in Egypt has resulted in the price shift of gold joints rising from 1305 dollars to 1310 dollars, up to 5 dollars compared to yesterday's prices.

Prices of gold in Egypt are as follows:

Caliber 18: 552 not

Caliber 21: 644 not

Caliber 24: 736 not

Pound Gold: 5152 not

USD: $ 1310

The seventh day offers a gold price service for its readers and fans with regular and direct upgrades and to cost prices on the different prices in the & gold market in Egypt. The prices of gold in Egypt are subject to supply and demand, as well as a change in global market rise or fall. The dollar and banking market time.

Egyptian gold prices can make a slight change in the price of different divisions in different Egyptian rules, this divide may be at the price of the 50 pies or one pound.

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