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Sunday, 11/18/2018 17:30 PM (GMT + 7)

Gold Pride Today 11/18/2018: Last week, domestic gold prices have greatly increased their impact on the impact of the world.

Gold pride today 11/18/2018: Gold raid is a great deal, investors have a keen interest - 1

Gold prices were rising significantly last week. Artwork

The country's gold price index is incredible stream. Out of that, SJC gold on the Ho Chi Minh City market was held by Seud Seigon Company at 36.52 million VND – 36.68 million VND each time, up to 180,000 compared to the previous week. South Westerly

Last week, Doji's gold price has also increased significantly and closed at 36.55 – 36.65 million per trip. So, investors also capitalize on this brand to & # 39; yields 200,000 profits per volume.

Compared to that, Dong Thang Bao Tin Minh Chau Dragon Dragon Gold Company dropped 140 miles of two-way two-way routes and only 34.86-35.31 million.

On global markets, the world's gold price per week ended at $ 1,222.10 / ounce, the highest in almost 3 weeks. At the last trading session of the week, the price of gold rose by almost 1%.

The US gold income for December also increased $ 8 (0.7%) and closed at $ 1,223 units.

The price of gold can be accessed from the opportunity to & # 39; Slower economic growth and deer may not increase the level of expected level. This has reduced the dollar index and helped raise gold.

Gold pride today 11/18/2018: Gold rose almost a lot, investors' keen interest - 2

Both investors and experts expect gold prices to rise next week

For the whole week, gold prices have risen by more than 1%. This is the strongest rise in the past 5 weeks.

Although the world's gold price has risen to a maximum rate of about 3 weeks, the next week's price of gold premise, both experts and investors have said that the prices of gold & 39; rising up.

In particular, the Kitco survey found that 60% of experts say that gold prices are rising next week, only 20% of gold pruning prices fell and 20% a strange sight.

Also, with the survey results for investors, 60% of investors expect gold prices to rise next week, 26% of the strategies decreased and only 14 % says gold prices have to be & # 39; getting flat.

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