Gold Purple Today on 22/11: White Gold Poor Money


Especially, after it drops 30,000 dong / pastel, the SJC estate, which was opened today on November 22 in Hanoi, is listed at 36.43 – 35.61 million / tael (buy-in).

Also in the Ho Chi Minh City market, SJC gold price recorded at 36.43 – 36.59 million per quantity.

There were up to 30,000 VND / tael compared to yesterday, which was currently recorded at 34.82 – 35.27 million / tall on Dragon Gold Bao Tin Minh Chau's flag up to the beginning ; morning.

On last year's gold market in the United States, gold prices rose from $ 4.5 to $ 1,225.6 per unit, to the Asian session on the morning, gold rose up to $ 1,227 units. Its gold price in December 1818 decreased slightly to $ 1,227.8 per unit.

World gold prices broke late last night after the dollar was weakened after the Organization's Economic and Development Cooperation (OECD) pre-reported that global economic growth in 2019 was 3.5%, down 0.2% compared to estimates before.

The impact on the growth of the OECD is to describe the larger trade tension between the world's economies.

In the countries exchange market, the US Dollar Index (DXY) today opened at 96.63 points.

Main level is a & # 39; Today's central bank of 22,733 dollars / dollars, up 2 pounds from yesterday. The daily sales band of USD was 22,052 – 23,414 VND / USD.

Bank State of Vietnam's exchange rate application was registered at 22,700 – 23,365 VND / USD today.

Commercial banks have a USD exchange rate selling 23,275 – 23,370 VND / USD, in particular:

At Vietcombank, the exchange rate operates at 23,305 – 23,395 VND / USD, up 5 compared to the end of the.

At BIDV, the current exchange rate at 23,305 – 23,395 VND / USD, is unchanged compared to the end of the market.

At Vietinbank, the current exchange rate is 23299 – 23,396 VND / USD, up 1 compared to the end of the one.

At Techcombank, the current exchange rate is 23,285 – 23,395 VND / USD.

At ACB, the current exchange rate at VND is 23,310 – 23,390 / USD.

Today, in the Hanoi market, 23,415 VND / USD was sold voluntarily to USD prices and was sold at 23,425 VND / USD.

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