Goldman Sachs' role in the 1MDB scan – in 300 words


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1MDB commissioning signal has put Goldman Sachs on screen, and queries about what the US bank bank knew about misconduct.

What is Goldman who has been accused?

The company helped $ 6.5bn (£ 5bn) for the Malayis development fund, providing advice on three food donations in 2012 and 2013.

Patients who file more than $ 2.7bn have been introduced, used to bribe government officials and to go to; buy luxurious things.

In November, the chief banker Goldman resigned on the business, Tim Leissner, guilty of the US court to take part in the bribe and cash cleansing schemes.

Then Malaysia's petitioners on Goldman contributed to "uncomfortable" financially "money from the property.

He noted that the Goldman won $ 600m for its work "several times higher" than business habits.

The company is still under review in the other countries, including the US, and also addresses legal laws from investors.

What does Goldman say?

Goldman says the costs of Malaysia are the "misunderstanding".

He says that executives have been deceived by their company about the contractual, and # 39; including Malay Jho Low financial post, formerly rejected by the bank as a client.

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Tim Leissner, who chaired the Goldman Sachs industry in southeast Asia, was married to model designer and fashion Kimora Lee Simmons

But news reports have reported to company chief executive, Lloyd Blankfein, who was met Mr Low and Prime Minister Malayach, Najib Razak.

Mr Leissner, Chairman of Goldman of East Asia, left his company in 2016, saying that the closing decision on information from Goldman's compliance was "largely" the culture of the companies.

What penalties could Goldman face?

Malaysian authorities seek tax of over $ 3bn.

Goldman has warned the owners of the dangers of "important" penalties and the money placed on it to increase legal debts to $ 1.8bn.

As a rise in legal costs, he also says that he will keep millions due to his chief executives, including Mr Blankfein, waiting for the results of the studies.

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