Gonka with a young woman and police there in Plovdiv! The driver: Action is confidential – Crime crime


Gonka has a red peugeot with a police car playing his main Plovdiv walking rod "Tsar Boris III Obedinitel".

According to witnesses, the light car from the Tunnel moved to the old political phenomenon, just at the cross of Graff Ignatiev, the driver finally stopped, reporting traffic notices.

The car has been found by police officers and then asked to support the Traffic Police. Eye witnesses have found that the young woman who ruled the car has been caught. After this, the woman's hands were released, but her cars have been lowered in front of our reporter. Follow a detailed investigation and research the red car.

There is unofficial information about police action against drug drivers behind the wheel, but it is not yet established at the time that a check was administered to the girl. Car numbers may have been reduced because of unsuitability, registration plates created, etc.

The girl was afraid of the survey, which had been shared by Plovdiv residents from nearby locations. She and her three companions refused to comment on the purpose of the job, while the driver said it had "a primary mystery".

At the moment, there is only one police car in the area, and the red-numbered car is still standing at the branch.


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