González Catán's young person's crime: four suspects were identified


The murder of Matias Villavicencio, 27, four are marked how patience of crime is. The young man died after rescuing criminals trying to steal his car in the town of González Catán, Buenos Aires, who fled.

According to the police, the robbers were four, they are 19 years old and they all live in González Catán, where the police used a great job to find them.

Villavicencio was killed in cold blood. Four offenders they attacked him when he reached his car two friends with whom he was going to dance. He stopped the robber and spent it at the New Year's season at Las Flores and Norquín, with González Catán.

The offenders began to burn and at least two leaflets they reached the passive on the cheekbone and on the # 39; behind. Then, they stole the gun and fled without the Volkswagen Vento in which Villavicencio was surrounded, the target for his & # 39; sucks.

"You could tell that they wanted to steal. They were really looking at the & # 39; the carriage with us"he said TN Mayra, one of the girls who traveled with the victim. But everything happened as soon as she did not. they can escape in time. "He wanted to accelerate but one of the criminals came to him at the window," he said. The young man was transferred to Simply Evita Hospital, where he arrived dead.

After the crime, this Wednesday at 17 dozen neighbors in the area where Villavicencio lived killed in the middle of González Catán for Justice to ask for. The "deceased death" was the motto that was moved, led by the mother and brother of the murdered youth.

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