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Mr Phan Van Anh Vu (Vu & Aluminum & # 39;)

Secretary of the Daang Truong Quang Party Committee Secretary said to the electorate of his home that the issues that would be including Vu "aluminum" "to the place".

Case Vu Aluminum: Parade of former HCM and Home Office officers

Da Nang to sell land under the Vu Aluminum project

9 years imprisonment for Mr Phan Van Anh

Mr Nghia met with voters in Da Nang on November 27, at the same time as Phan Van Anh Vu, also known as Vu "aluminum", was the second time in court at Ho Chi Minh City .

Mr Vu, Tran Phuong Binh, who was senior director of the Rural Share Stock Bank (DAB), and 24 people attended court on 27/11.

From Da Nang, he said to voters, Truong Quang, Nghia, said that "aluminum" Vu has gone through at least three exams from three different cases.

Recently, Phan Van Vu, 43, was reduced to one year in Hanoi, and eight years imprisoned for unity to show state aspirations.

In the second case at the Eastern Asia Bank, Vu was asked to "take advantage of his position and authority to take possession of property."

According to their prejudice, Vu has benefited 12,73% of the Dong A bank protection, causing damage to this 200 billion unit.

Speaking to the voters of Da Nang on November 27, the Secretary said; Party Truong Quang Nghia about the case in the East Bank of Asia: "This case is also heavy, Vu's penalties are very heavy, the sentence may be very tall."

Mr Truong Quang Nghia continued: "The third case is an offense on authority, this case is just tied to Da Nang."

"With the decision of the Party, the government, issues like Vu Aluminum will be sent to the place where voters can not see the next step."

"There are people who are under the control of the Party, but people who have been surveyed are arrested." The case of Vu Nghi is very much proven, "said Chia.

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Da Nang city

Cang Case

Cia also added to the disciplinary court of the Deputy Secretary to her; city ​​HCM City Tat Thanh Cang.

"Regarding Mr Tat Thanh Cang, the votes are rather unhealthy."

"According to the Commission's decision on the Testing Program, Mr Tat Thanh Cang has very close boundaries, which is directly commissioned, as voters can think about the level of control. "

"According to the process, Mr Cang needs to attend disciplinary meetings from the Party level up, and in the earliest time of the Middle Conference, how wrong, Mr Cang's control . Soon, "said Cia.

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