"Good, England. We are returning to Lithuania: pilgrims carry everything


Lithuania who are still living in the UK and are preparing to return to Lithuania make a high message about it because they don't want to get up, but because they need help, but because they need the help.

Initially or later, the companions here arrived in the new land that they were able to filter their roots extensively – not only had social fellowship been established, but they also made a wealth that they created that was not they want to let them up. That's why communities are looking for help or services – who could move with everything back to Lithuania?

Indeed, these advertisements in the UK united groups on the social network are one of the key indicators of the migration movement's change.

And among the rest – not just help and the desire to succeed, but also thinking really: is it really useful to get back?

Inspiring Brexit?

According to the UK National Statistics Bureau, for the second year running, EU citizens are declining in the countryside, with fewer people entering, and a large percentage of those who attended. formerly unloaded packs and giving a blessing to Britain.

Short reactions began shortly after the 2016 Brexit referendum – the Europeans were guided by such progress not only with the atmosphere and atmosphere which had changed to the monsters; but also with uncertainty of the future.

After all, Brexit has been two weeks away, and the UK government is still unaware of the way out and what the future holds with the EU.

On the other hand, whatever the British way, people from the UK do not want – to be: to live and work here after just Brexit just a simple registration form t to fill in.

However, if you are leaving the UK this is only a matter of concern. Lithuania does not live in other countries. No exchange to the official end of Brexit on 29 March also left: obviously more people were looking to assist with moving to Lithuania.

They're not very happy at sharing their stories – no requests are made to tell who has sent them back to Lithuania.

“Sorry, we're very busy. There's a lot of work before you leave,” replied one woman.

Moving in April

Recent trends show that there is renewed interest in returning to Lithuania closer.

This is the Lithuania companies' request for withdrawal services.

“The last few weeks have been more popular than ever. We have several orders already, people will move to Lithuania in April. We had a meeting with them. People will carry everything, ”said Vitaly Malko, Chief Executive of UAB Transemija, who carries goods between Lithuania and the UK.

The entrepreneur confirmed that the company has been involved in the provision of these services for 7 years, but now it can demonstrate that people are moving back to Lithuania or have an interest in it. previously.

How do the people answer?

Adios, England. Returning to Lithuania, ”said a week ago, by publishing content of this kind, a Lithuania spokesperson asked the cityrs for advice on who would give away to the city t richness for the new home.

Social networks have different references to the Lithuanians UK reports that they are returning to Lithuania. Indeed, the majority of recommendations, recommendations, and other useful information.

For example, with one Lithuanian, that is moving into a nursery country, it says that human transport, their furniture and household appliances from England to Lithuania contributed up to € 900 per family.

“Are you leaving? Wow, not the first friend this year, is back. You'll also have to visit us, ”replied one reporter.

True, not everyone is responding so positively. One man (mentioning his Vilnius residence) wants the woman who is returning again to reconsider his decision.

“Keep still moving. In the first instance start for a month in Lithuania Have you come to a decision?” As someone who is asking in sympathy.

Do I already care?

As with any other country in the world, the first challenge is for people living in the area to live across the dwelling house, and so it is said that sales in Lithuania have to be in the waves they might return.

However, this is simply a completely unconfirmed version, which represents a representative of one of the real estate managers of Ober-Haus in Lithuania.

“People who have emigrated are always on housing buying in Lithuania – some have invested in the sectors that they have come from, while others have made more capital and are buying economic properties t and a middle class in Vilnius.

There is no question of recent increases in overseas activity.

In-migration has always been interested in investment opportunities in the RE market, this interest is equal and there have been no big changes in the months ahead: this is the move. T standard.

It is likely that people who return or plan to return from abroad are caring for housing. It's anyway. The other part may just be looking around, 'said Audrius Šapoka, Head of Housing at Ober-Haus.

It is also said that some of the ferries do not choose the main city or the native places for life of one person, but one of the most spectacular corners in Lithuania – Nida or other settlements in the Curonian Spit.

"We can't take 100 percent of this turn, but we can say safely that more people are coming to try to stay down, look at places.

However, we do not divide them into where they came from – whether they have returned from abroad or not, "said Sandra Vaišvilaitė, spokesperson for the Neringa Corporation Administration.

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