Good for earning the 6.3 trillion, the person moved in secret to live in another continent


Adrian Bayford moves to a secret place in Australia after winning a $ 270 million prize it was difficult.

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Gillian Couples and Adrian Bayford when they receive awards and are not isolated. (Source: Daily Express).

According to some Australian newspapers, Bayford left his home and sold his $ 14 million after winning hundreds of millions of dollars to make their lives poor.

So, the 48-year-old sold his pets as a whole and closed two types of recordings that he was so fond of and was more remote than the $ 270 million he just hit

Bayford also sells all its assets, and including 38 houses in Haverhill, Suffolk as their neighbors stress.

Bayford's friends also said that he was not comfortable to drink as he said "everyone wanted a big part of his prize".

Since he won the 2012 Euromillions, his father sent two children to divide his wife and broke his lover three times. Bayford thinks its benefits have enabled him to find love and now he just wants to break.

As the solution with a rich and vibrant life, Bayford is a planning to move to a secret place in Australia and find himself, a close friend appeared.

"The mansion house, large pieces of land and the estate empire that Bayford's landlords have no sense of meaning. He has been severely injured by the relationships he failed. He is at a level where he wants to be calm and cheap, "said the close friend.

Since winning the jackpot in 2012, Bayford has been a "lord lord". He bought a $ 2.7 million horse racing. Then try to make other lovers by buying her hens to pick up.

In addition, with his dedication to music, Bayford even held a local rock festival in his own enclosures.

The next day, Bayford spent hundreds of thousands of pounds for her lover, Sam Burbrdge, 31. Then, she ran away with $ 540,000 (nearly 13 billion) and a car worth $ 108,000 last year.

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