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Thai national treatment

Good ground, keeping the country out of her & # 39; Cattle Does a party have a & # 39; falling?

On October 8, the Election Commission (Korat) Office, Mr Paiboon Nittawan, head of the People's Reform Party (NCCC), sent a letter to Mr Itthiporn Boonpragong, Chairman of the Electoral Commission (Korat). Commission. T. Consider and judge the actions of their party. Thai national treatment No Ministry of Education Is it against the election Commission's rule on ways of campaigning and prohibited features By campaigning for members of the House of Representatives, BE 2561, section 4, features that are forbidden to choose election campaign, Article 17

By saying that he heard news from the public media that a party committee had decided its name and name; Mrs. Ubonrattana Rachakanya Siriwattana Phanwadee was praised In his & her # 39; prime minister's account; Party Even though His Highness is in charge of his honor since 1972

But the King His Majesty was a prince So he was part of the monarchy. According to Thai government's tradition In a democratic system with a king He is the head

The Ministry of Education has signed its name to a Prime Minister's account. The name of the Buddha Lord must be used to be used in an election campaign; party, which is considered to be banned in the election campaign, in accordance with the Electoral Commission on the means of enterprise and its campaign; Members are elected to ban House of Representatives. BE 2561, Section 4. Barriers to Article Election Initiative 17 Disqualification of applicants for political parties or anyone who; King Mongkut Institute management. Many are involved in the election campaign.

Mr Paiboon said that the Constitutional Court had regulated Àir. 6/2543 on requesting the Constitutional Court to decide on the extent of the crisis regarding the remit of the person chosen. In which a decision was taken to preserve the monarchy

Chapters like this do not apply to kings, queens and kings. Grandmother's up to birth or profession Without a doubt influencing politics and political incapacity Not an honorable subject But it is about birth status Whether they are sons or daughters

Therefore, a Constitutional Court decision is in accordance with its request to the Chairman; Commission. Therefore, the Electoral Commission Chair should accept the & # 39; decision as soon as possible. In order to maintain the principles of the Constitution and the laws

I promptly put my opinion to the Commission to evaluate and verify the actions of the government, whether it was against ERC or not. Stop the name of the name In the list of Prime Minister's Party Not to request the TSC In particular when the election is closed, it does not require any party to be spread.

And in person, there is no problem with his party. The director of her & party and me as grandchildren. The laptop who is a petitioner registration to his / her; Election Commissioner defends TSD pen more mistakes than just Just to stop using its name only, "said Mr Paiboon.

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