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Reporter Feng Xiaowen / broad report

In the American shop, the "Black Shopping Festival" market for " first time last year Its public will know on its # 39; Limit boundaries for a long time on the same day. This year's black shop is 11/23 (5) ~ 11/25 (day) Indeed, there are 13 special stores in the entire store, but there are a few items before you get caught on it & # 39; goods.

→ The price discount does not know the same day

It is acknowledged that concessionary materials are used according to the exhibitors who are presenting; Like home appliances, 3C materials, 50% can be killed, but do you want to make notes first for homework? Sorry, its store will not predict what type and quantity of the products were in advance, and even & # 39; The members are kept secret, so it is the best policy.

→ Online shops did not enter the day offer

Only this year's online shops are just a "black goods range", such as home appliances, 3C supplies, brand name bags, etc. If you go to the corporate store you can not catch a black shop festival to kill them.

Costco, BlackBuke Festival

▲ Type Town & Village Shop Festival. (Figure / photographic information)

→ Current business hours are usually normal

According to the black shop festival held for the first time last year, every branch of the previous one hour corporate shop opened. But this year, we will continue to maintain normal business hours, that is, from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. If the fingers change depending on the location of a curse on site, they will advise.

→ New offer killed separately

According to last year's, there are amazing depressions such as American Galaxy American, the Boneless American Boneless and Bradan Boneless Quarterly Package; Atlantic. The lowest rate is even 50% off. If you have a normal kitchen, you can also go to the new area. If you can not do this, you can get lots of free food and good to go home for this year's cooking.

Costco, BlackBuke Festival

▲ Type Town & Village Shop Festival. (Figure / photographic information)

→ Talk to the discounted product after the sale has been made up

Most of the reductions are sold in a limited number, and the card is restricted to one sale. If it's too late, you may need to talk to cheap things. It is said that there were people in the Neihu shop last night at three o'clock. Just go to a queue, if you come before you open the door, you may need to wait longer to enter the store for purchase.

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