Good news has led to selling weight. The US stock market has gone into the short market钜 亨 网 – stock of the US


Morgan Stanley believes that the long-standing position of US stock markets has come to an end, but Inventories may not know.

Bank inspector, Michael Wilson, in a report to Monday clients said "the stock market of the US has gone into the short market."

Although the US economy is still strong, Wilson believes that his & her; The market is encouraging that economic growth has declined considerably and corporate profits have fallen.

In his report, he said he was not a year of downturn in 2018, but the market has realized that bad news has come.

On Monday, Wall Street dropped again, with Dow Jones falling almost 400 points and Nasdaq's & # 39; fall by 3%. Most of the original technology resources, and & # 39; including Amazon, Facebook and Netflix. Apple's share price has not dropped to ground due to concerns about the disappointment application for the iPhone.

Although the stock market decline has fallen recently, the long-term market in the United States has not changed. The S & P 500 is about 9% lower than the high chart at the end of September. With an explanation, the stock market needs to fall by 20% from the foreclosures that have been made recently before it comes into the short market.

However, in recent decades, the long-term market in the US stock market is near being ready. Morgan Stanley reported that more than 40% of the S & P 500 local resources fell by at least 20% because investments claimed that the Deer will continue to resign. raising levels of interest, which could impact on economic growth.

Stacks that are sensitive to hikes of incentive rates, such as self-contained stockings and building stock, have been under pressure. Wilson said that the Effects would not mean that the pace of speed increases would be a rate for investors.

In fact, the US stock market is no longer in decline and revival. In a short market, there is no purchase that you can buy.

Wilson said that even though the company's salary report is better than expected, investors are still selling stock; company, which is not healthy.

"We believe, when there is more news, there are stocks under retail, this is the short market," Wilson wrote.

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