Good Taskin Student & Waqar eyes


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The storytelling fast box Waqar Younis was named Sylhet Sixers coach in the BPL. Taskin Ahmed was one of the best fast-moving bowlers; ever in the history of a cricket. According to Waqar, Taskin is a very good student, very diligent.

Tell Taskin Ahmed, sitting in Sylhet, what kind of work he got from working with Waqar Younes. Not only does Taskin, every broker of Sylhet Supporters in BPL, qualify for a prize as a coach of the Pakistani voyage legend. Who can be better than a Waqar bowel as a teacher & # 39; in bowling? Once Wasim Akram and he joined the opponents. The word & # 39; TWO & # 39; The world has hit a cricket. As a teacher at the tenth anniversary of the nineteenth century, he wants to fire the fire as a teacher, among his disciples. If he sees the fire in Taskin, then the benefit of Bangladesh's cricket.

Taskin Walker 's favorite student. Taskin's interest in learning is attracted to the early Hungarian momentum in Pakistan. However, he has the job to just go to; throwing some Taskin or other archers, and anything else, "I do not seem to do a lot about Taskin. Taskin is working hard on himself. He is very hardworking and wants to To return quickly to the Bangladesh team. As a student, he can learn everything quickly.

Taskin does not have anything new to teach the Walker? Action or follow, something more or more – tell the story of the king's voice cricket. But an old captain of Pakistan said what he did to stimulate the rapid pace of Bangladesh, "I did not try to change anything in Taskin. What did I do, I was encouraged to work harder. sure about the hard work. She is the one who is familiar with doing the same thing. Taskin has returned from wounds, he does not forget it. After returning from injury, it will take enough time to get back to your original form. This time there is a lot of dispute between the players. So no one needs help at this time. I do that.

Although he is an early violinist, he is very pleased to see the Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium Games in Chittagong. According to that, these legends – where enough run, the sport will increase if the game is played. The game also has a power, "Chittagong teams are good for Twenty20 cricket. This is not a small area. The running of lots is also coming. There are 180-190s running regularly. It's also good for the audience. You can see in Chittagong but many visitors are watching their game.

A few months later World Cup How does Bangladesh be in English? Walker did not go to any vision. He did not even try to. When he thinks English is hard, & I can not tell how Banglaid does. It is very difficult to talk about achievement. Preparation is like being good in English. If good preparation, attainment is also good. We will let the English situation be very difficult. A Bangladeshi cricket needs to be in a very good way to challenge the big teams. Bangladesh has been good in the past. If the right arrangements are, if the players are well organized, Bangladesh can be good. It can be said that we are in our day, that any party in the world is at risk, their power is lost. & # 39;

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