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LTS: Four reasons explain why the teacher himself fell when he was a good teacher in the middle of his / her. town.

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The local education department where we are just working on the theory results and designation of a Training Training Championship are good across the country. However, many teachers have many scores.

Low or high points are not very difficult if the power of each teacher is to attend. Some of the teachers were depressed in advance.

Because they did not want to take part in the Goods Competition at the level of teachers; home, many qualified teachers took part in the exam but they were decided not to attend.

A number of school leaders met, encouraged, and team leaders took them to work as teammates, but ineffective, just over half of the teachers moved to attend.

Unfortunately in front of the teachers, the school has provided at least 15% of teachers to participate in the good quality teacher competition.

Teachers participate in good teacher testing (there is a picture of images:

The measure that the Board of Directors includes all the certification teachers (with a continuous 2 year as good school-level teachers) is to go to # 39; attend the meeting.

Initially, Board members encouraged, again confirming, that they are in a position; offer a lot of suggestions as good teachers who respect the school themselves, At the end of the year, their foundation will have more information to improve their skills .

However, such an incentive does not appear to encourage the teachers in a & # 39; meeting.

Therefore, the Board requested that some of the teachers be present, the party members in the initially elected teachers, and the other teachers.

When the number of teachers who attend the competition is high enough, the Board of Directors will be able to; send a list to the Education Department and confirm that everything will work out how planned and planned.

However, some teachers, because they are not willing to warrant this day, are theoretical tests, even though they are still in a position; Attendance as a whole, but when doing the lesson work, some teachers will make the right sentences to make a circle. wrong answer. The statement also writes and & # 39; guide the problem with difficulty.

Look at how some of the teachers are doing; doing, some other teachers in the same room would talk to each other that their fall would be flexible. Because of that, they just do a short time to & # 39; sit … to wait out time to.

As some of the teachers have fallen, so when the results of the Education Office identify the results, school teachers are unexpected.

Some teachers in the Board and Board of Directors are disappointed in the manner in which they are " Behavior, this initiative is vital.

However, they can not be treated as well, as the teacher is still examining, the tests still have points. Ask the teacher, they say they're not doing well …

Why does the value of staff fall for themselves?

The teacher's self-failure is not currently happening, but he has been a quiet years ago.

The reason is, however, according to our understanding, the following reasons are the most fundamental:

first of all, good teachers in the area (city) are very heavy, they have to go through many trips.

In addition to the theory, knowledge, knowledge also taught 2 time of use in your unit.

There are difficult procedures and arrangements, they have to travel several times, they must prepare enough time to have their class at school, they must ask other teachers to teach that they are scared.

Second, The Many teachers have taken part in the tests in previous years, but when the prize won, the landlords did not pay attention to the recognition or the prize. At the end of the year, the captions are not the same.

The number of subtitles increases emulation is low, but most people with "face-to-face" in the school are suffers enough votes and teachers are very much appreciated for emaming. South Westerly

Due to the hard investment, a lot of attempts to cure after the test, their competition is not suitable, the heart should be difficult.

Third place, The When you are taking the test, you must be involved in the test members' exams. Although the Education Office has chosen the judges, but also many professors are not good, or long-term management, so do not teach, when the ideas are not appropriate, the higher.

Many people who are not so simple are the ideas, so to know the teacher … a hated test.

Fourth, The Too many competitions and exams go over the schools. So their teachers are always too tired and tired.

Just a Good Teacher Co-ordinator at school, regional level, regional level distribution is sufficiently enough for teachers to spread.

The doctor's self-esteem may be negative but at the end, teachers have just been suffering from many tests and some of them are evaluated. the school is not satisfactory.

Tutorial competitions, education directors should be able to eliminate the competition that is going on; join each other that is not useful.

The competition must be positive and pragmatic. There should also be no exams, which can be overlooked by teachers.

The main issue is that it must be honest and terrible, when it is done; Considering the emulation, not only to be tightly based on its business, but also based on its & # 39; practice and dedication of teaching. The individual, together for his unit.

Everyone and unit must be equal when they cast out votes, and # 39; avoiding acceptance, and avoiding officers, the right to be considered automatically, should be recommended to recognize migratory titles, the time of giving a bad deal to the teacher.

Everyone knows how to stimulate new advances, to encourage the efforts of teachers and the promotion of each unit.

However, it should be linked to the interests of the partners, the teacher or any public body is willing to volunteer.

In addition, the exams and failures of some teachers today are going on significantly and certainly not just in a few people, some of the local areas.

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